Health Coach Course

What’s included in your course

  • Your First Client Celebration Kit. What’s the first thing to do when you get your first client? The answer is: ‘Celebrate!’ And we’ll help you do that, because as soon as you get your first paid work after completing the course we’ll send you a celebration kit including fun items such as champagne glasses and other party items (Value £31).

  • 35 videos, on topics such as how to set goals for weight loss, understanding food allergies, and how to ease clients' stress. Sit back, relax, and absorb the information.
  • A sturdily bound set of 14 course modules that lies flat for ease of study. Detailed, practical information that guides you skilfully towards becoming a health coach

  • 43,000 words of practical 'how-to' text. You get detailed information that guides you towards becoming a professional health coach.

  • 33 Assignments. Your assignments will be carefully marked with personal advice by an experienced tutor.

  • ‘How to Achieve More!’ Planner. It contains forms for self-discovery and vision, a 12-month goals' planner, a study plan and scheduler, study tips, and a monthly reflection and assessment form. Exclusive to your course. † See More

  • Self-assessment exercises. They occur throughout the course to help you get organised as a practising health coach. They also check that you can tackle each type of work.

  • 'How to Write Assignments' booklet (right). This booklet offers useful guidance on how to prepare your assignments. It's not available elsewhere.

  • A Quick Start Guide, to get you started on the course.

  • A sturdy ring binder that holds the course modules. Lies flat for ease of study. In the online edition, we provide the modules as online PDFs.†
  • learning images
  • A useful case that keeps all your course material.††

  • 'How to Succeed in your Distance Learning Course' booklet. Tips and advice on how to successfully complete your course. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • A study guide and planner that helps you organise your study.
  • 49 ways to promote your service
  • Personal career advice during the course.

  • '49 Winning Ways to Promote your Service' booklet (right). Great ideas to get you started. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • Student Discount card. Get discounts with leading shops and organisations.

    • † In the online edition this is provided as downloadable PDFs.
    • †† Not in online edition.

    Plus! Access your course online

    • Online edition of the course. Get access to all the course modules and assignments when you register.

    • Online student's database. Add your name to the database, and get in touch with other students.

    • Take a peek inside!

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Bonuses (Value £188)

  • Bonus 1. Client Handouts. (Value £35).
    Documents that help your client understand and improve their health

  • Bonus 2. Client Session Documents. (Value £46).
    Sheets that explain what topics you can cover in each session with the client. They're ideal for when you are getting started.

  • Bonus 3. Health Coach Business Forms. (Value £61).
    Editable, photocopiable forms covering all aspects of your business, including client questionnaires, intake forms, assessments and revisit forms.

  • Bonus 4. Weight Loss Motivation and Guidance Sheets. (Value £29).
    You can give these away or email to clients and enquirers. Ideal promotional gifts. 55 Hints and tips for losing weight.

  • Bonus 5. Workplace Stress. (Value £12).
    A handout discussing stress in the workplace, and how this can be evaluated and managed.

  • Business Blueprints eBook (Value £17).
    A 47-page book that provides insights into how to set up your own business.

And when you complete the course, you'll get the following free items:

  • A Diploma to frame and display on your wall.

  • A 'Certified Health Coach' logo to use on your site.

    Certified Image Consultant

  • Business Mentoring. When you complete the course you'll receive 90 days of free business mentoring. It will help you set up your business. (Value £365).

  • A press release sent to your local newspapers (if you want).

  • An open reference that shows you've completed the course, and which may open doors for you.

  • The right to use the post nominal letters Dip. HC. (BC) after your name.

From time to time we improve, amend or extend the items shown here.