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Interested in becoming a herbalist…
but now sure how best to go about it?

Here’s how to become a herbalist, and earn a good living - while helping others live healthier lives!

With all the ills besetting us today, people are seeking a kinder, gentler way to heal.

Which is why there’s a movement towards alternative methods of treating diseases and conditions. And one of the most popular approaches is herbalism.

Kinder and gentler

Gentler than conventional pharmaceuticals, with fewer side effects, and more environmentally sensitive, herbalism has become so popular that it’s been absorbed into the mainstream. It’s even being practised by conventional doctors.

There’s a big demand for good herbalists, and the field is growing every day. Herbalists make good money, help people lead healthier lives, and can usually determine their own hours and work from home. It’s a wonderful, fulfilling way to make a living and give yourself time for your family, friends and activities.

Now, you can become a herbalist in the comfort of your own home – and reap all of the income and lifestyle benefits of this fast-growing field. Not to mention feeling wonderful about helping others feel good.


The Institute of Natural Healing is now offering a course that will give you the opportunity to earn a Diploma in Herbal Medicine -- without having to commute to classes, rearrange your schedule, or spend a lot of money on books, tuition or lectures.

Written by practising herbalists, the herbalism course contains 13 modules, offering you truly comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date information. It teaches you everything from health and nutrition, to how to treat or prevent common ailments, to using herbs to aid poor memory, obesity and arthritis. It even touches on Bach Flower Remedies and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

In addition, the herbalism course is truly practical – providing you with the crucial information you need to set up your own practice and how to find clients.

There’s no need to buy expensive books or reference materials. The course includes a complete range of study materials and ongoing online support.

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be assigned a private tutor who is a practising herbalist -- not a college lecturer -- who will review and grade your assignments and offer practical, real-world advice.

With this course from The Institute of Natural Healing, you can study at your own pace, on your own schedule, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. It’s simply the best way for someone with a full, busy schedule – like you – to acquire a Diploma in Herbal Medicine.

What the course offers you:

• A comprehensive, working knowledge of herbalism that will allow you to set up your own practice as a professional herbalist

• Special information on herbal remedies especially for women, as well as gentle remedies for children – two very important groups who are likely to seek out your advice

• Important information on herbal first aid, allowing you to expand your practice to help people with pressing problems

• Techniques for growing your own herbs, assuring you of high-quality herbs at very low cost to you

And much more!

Fully accredited

The Institute of Natural Healing is accredited by ODLQC, a leading independent accreditation body. So you can be assured of receiving high-quality training.

No worries!

There’s no nerve-wracking final exam to worry about. The assignments that you complete as you go through the course provide continuous assessment of your performance, so you can always see how you are progressing. You can re-submit any assignments that you fail. And so you’re never anxious about the outcome of the course – you’ll know step by step exactly how well you’re doing.

Free bonuses

If you enrol on the course today, you’ll also get these great bonuses, absolutely free:

• A manual packed with useful, real-world information, including botanical names of plants, a therapeutic index, a guide to which herbs are hazardous, and more -- useful information that you can consult long after finishing the course.

• A starter pack of herbs and herbal remedies

• A free prescription pad, with refills available…giving your business a truly professional touch.

And the course is backed by The Institute’s No-Quibble Guarantee. If you don't like the course - for any reason - just ask for your money back within 30 days, and we'll put it straight back into your account.

Learn to make your own remedies

The herbs you'll be usingOn the course, you'll make several remedies from the herbs we supply.

  • A wonderfully soothing chamomile tea that aids digestion, as well as reducing insomnia, anxiety and indigestion.
  • A calming marigold ointment that you can apply to bruises, strains and burns. Its anti-fungal properties fight infection.
  • A relaxing bath oil to sooth bronchitis and respiratory problems, made from eucalyptus and thyme leaves.
  • A plantain poultice that you can apply to cuts and grazes.
  • A black cohosh decoction that eases menstrual pains - and many other problems including rheumatic pains, sciatica, and neuralgia.

Equipped with the experience you'll gain, you can go on to make many other remedies, using nothing more complicated than your existing kitchen equipment.

As well as prescribing herbal remedies, you can also sell your own.

Make your own herbal soap

Make your own beautiful soapOn the herbalism course, you'll learn to make your own herbal soap. The calendula soap on the left was made in just 30 minutes by a thirteen year-old with no prior experience.

You can use the soap at home, give it to friends as presents, or sell it as an extra source of revenue. Plus, you'll be helping to heal your clients.

When you graduate

Once you’ve completed the herbalism course, you’ll receive a Diploma and have the right to use the initials Dip H. (Inst. NH) after your name. So your clients will have confidence in your educational background, knowledge and skills.

We’ll also send a press release to your local newspapers if you choose, announcing the launch of your new business.

Incredible value

Because the course is distance learning, and we don‘t have to pay for classrooms, furniture, and other university expenditures, we can afford to offer it to you at an incredibly low price. Click here to see the course cost.

- A whole new career
- A new source of continual income
- The freedom to set your own working hours
- The wonderful feeling of helping others live healthier, more natural lives
- Plus, our guarantee that you'll be an enriched, knowledgeable person.

Many people have successfully completed the course, and gone on to become practising herbalists. Why hesitate? This is a great opportunity for you to realize your dream of having a fulfilling, well-paid career as a professional herbalist.

Enroll on the course now, and help yourself to a fantastic income and lifestyle while helping others.

With best wishes,
For heaven's sake, smile!

Kit Sadgrove
Course Director

P.S. The sooner you enrol, the sooner you’ll be able to put “Dip H. (Inst. NH)” after your name…and start working in the truly rewarding career you’ve dreamt about! Enrol by clicking here


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