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What our learners say

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I would encourage anyone who was interested in the course to go ahead and enrol as the course is very interesting and fun to do.
Marie, Ireland
“Do not delay it is a fantastic course, well explained and the material is good.”
Paul, UK
“This course is very well thought out both in terms of content and delivery and above all it's very reasonably priced. My Tutor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with solving my queries.”
Abdul, Birmingham, UK
I have recommended the course to a few people so far and will continue doing this.”
Sou Chee, Hawaii, United States
“My tutor is lovely, gives kind and encouraging support.”
Karen, Cornwall , UK

What's in your course?

Here's what you'll find:

Herbalist Course
    • 31 Videos. Sit back and relax as you learn.

    • A sturdily bound set of 11 course modules that lies flat for ease of study. Detailed, practical information that guides you skilfully towards becoming a herbalist

    • 56,000 words of practical 'how-to' text. You get detailed information that guides you towards becoming a professional herbalist.

    • 48 Assignments. Your assignments will be carefully marked with personal advice by an experienced tutor.

    • ‘How to Achieve More!’ Planner. It contains forms for self-discovery and vision, a 12-month goals' planner, a study plan and scheduler, study tips, and a monthly reflection and assessment form. Exclusive to your course. † See More

    • Self-assessment exercises. They occur throughout the course to help you get organised as a practising herbalist. They also check that you can tackle each type of work.

    • 'How to Write Assignments' booklet (right). This booklet offers useful guidance on how to prepare your assignments. It's not available elsewhere.

    • A Quick Start Guide, to get you started on the course.

    • A sturdy ring binder that holds the course modules. Lies flat for ease of study. In the online edition, we provide the modules as online PDFs.†
    • learning images
    • A useful case that keeps all your course material.††

    • 'How to Succeed in your Distance Learning Course' booklet. Tips and advice on how to successfully complete your course. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

    • A study guide and planner that helps you organise your study.
    • 49 ways to promote your service
    • Personal career advice during the course.

    • '49 Winning Ways to Promote your Service' booklet (right). Great ideas to get you started. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

    • Student Discount card. Get discounts with leading shops and organisations.

      • † In the online edition this is provided as downloadable PDFs.
      • †† Not in online edition.

      Plus! Access your course online

      • Online edition of the course. Get access to all the course modules and assignments when you register.

      • Online student's database. Add your name to the database, and get in touch with other students.

      • Take a peek inside!

        Have a look at how friendly our online portal is. Click here: https://blackfordcentre.com/courses/how-to-use-the-portal/

        This course is available to all our learners. We've opened it to you, so you can check out our portal.

    8 Free bonuses

    If you enrol on the course today, you’ll also get these bonuses:

    Bonus 1. A Herbalist's Manual (value £21)

    This is packed with useful, real-world information, including botanical names of plants, a therapeutic index, a guide to which herbs to use for common problems - useful information that you can consult long after finishing the course.

    Bonus 2. Herb starter pack (value £28)

    A starter pack of herbs and herbal remedies (Only available with the Printed Edition of the course, within the UK).

    Bonus 3. Read our Diary of a Medical Herbalist.

    Follow the highs and lows of a professional herbalist's life, as she reports each week on her experiences. You'll get insights into her day and learn from her successes and failures. The Diary is available exclusively to our learners.

    Bonus 4. Roadmap (value £14)

    Our free Roadmap shows you step-by-step what you have to do to become a herbalist. Not available anywhere else. "It made everything clear and simple."

    So if you're unsure on how to launch your own business, this mentoring programme will put you on the road to success.

    And because it's all part of the Blackford Centre's course, it won't cost you a penny.

    Bonus 5. Business Blueprints (value £17)

    This 47 page book contains complete step-by-step checklists for starting a successful business. Click here to learn more about Business Blueprints.

    Bonus 6. Fully-customisable Marketing and Stationery Kit (value £275).

    Advertising Kit
    Marketing and Stationery Kit

    This ten-piece kit gives you ready-made advertisements, posters, leaflets and even your business stationery. Just add your own contact details, and print them. Click here for details of the kit.

    Your own herbal dispensary

    Bonus 7. Free mentoring when you complete the course (value £365)

    Once you complete the course, we’ll give you three months’ free business mentoring.

    You’ll have a personal mentor who'll help you set up your own business (if that's your choice).

    For three months after getting your Diploma you'll get one-to-one advice and support from an active practitioner.

    Bonus 8. 'Setting up a Herbal Dispensary' (value £17)

    A guide to setting up a shop that gives you a physical presence and encourages consultations. You can also sell all kinds of related items such as tinctures, herbal soap and books. Written by a practising retail herbalist. Not available elsewhere.

    And when you complete the course, you'll get the following free items:

    • A Diploma to frame and display on your wall.

    • A reference from us confirming that you have completed the course.

    • Certified Image Consultant

    • An 'Approved Herbalist' logo to use on your notepaper and your website.

    • We'll send a free press release to your local newspapers announcing your success (if you request it).

    • The right to use the post nominal letters Dip. Herbal (BC) after your name.

    From time to time we improve, amend and extend the items mentioned here.