16 Reasons why the Diploma in Wedding Planning is a best-selling course.



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When you sign up:

  • You have the security of a 30-day refund. So you aren't risking anything.

  • You’ll receive a complete course showing you how to help clients achieve their wedding planning goals. It contains the strategies, exercises, assignments and tips that turn you into a professional wedding planner.

  • You'll have your own tutor, who will be a working Wedding Planner. So you'll have lots of interactive support, feedback and guidance.

  • You'll also be able to phone a Student Advisor at the Institute whenever you need. If you ever feel stuck, just call us.

  • You'll be able to contact other students, to swap common experiences and to network.

  • You’ll discover how to find work, and how to win your own clients. We show you how to launch and maintain your own successful practice.

  • You'll carry out 15 real-world assignments marked by your own friendly tutor. So you'll get a complete insight into the world of wedding planning.

  • You'll complete dozens of informative and useful exercises. They'll help to test your new-found knowledge. And they'll show you how much you've learned.

  • You'll get free help on all wedding planning work you seek or win. So you'll have the ongoing support of experienced wedding planners.

  • You'll receive an exclusive Wedding Planner’s Manual. It contains trade secrets that aren't available anywhere else. And it's yours to keep and use forever.

And when you complete the course:

  • You get an accredited Diploma in Wedding Planning. It will give you confidence and legitimacy. And it will demonstrate to the world that you're an expert. A credential like this gives you a major advantage when seeking clients.

  • You get the letters Dip WP (Inst WP) after your name. It shows you've been properly trained, and that you're a professional.

  • You'll be able to put your name on our list of ‘Approved Wedding Planners’. It can bring you work, and give your career a lift-off.

  • We send news about your success to your local newspapers (if you want). The publicity can be another source of new clients.

  • You'll be able to use our 'Certified Wedding Planner' logo on your website and letterheads. Again, this lends you credibility.

  • You can get your money back if you don’t earn at least the price of the course. That's how confident we are in the course. And in our students. So again there's no risk.