CBT Coach Course

What our learners say

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It's fantastic. I have already been recommending you to other people.
Christian, Gwynedd, UK
“It is a very good course with good tutors. The team in the office are very friendly and helpful too should you have any problems.”
Fiona, UK
It's an excellent course with lots of variety and very good value for money.
Rajesh, Staffs, UK
“Go for it, it is fantastic!”
Dawn, Cornwall, UK

The 11 Modules

An Introduction to CBT

  • The core ideas of CBT
  • The great thinkers of CBT
  • A brief history of CBT
  • The CBT Framework
  • Patterns of Unhelpful Thinking
  • Human Defence Mechanisms
  • Cognitive Dissonance - A Mental Tug of War
  • Cognitive Bias
  • The wise mind

Beliefs that hold us back

  • Core values and beliefs that guide your life
  • Rigid beliefs
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Changing our beliefs
  • Thought Process
  • Switch Thinking
  • NAT Worksheet
  • The Power of Meaning
  • Discovering Belief Patterns
  • Disputing Beliefs
  • Creating Empowering Alternatives
  • Common Limiting Beliefs. Questions to Help Find Limiting Beliefs.
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis Exercise
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Developing cognitive flexibility
  • Operant conditioning
  • Kuhn Cycle
  • Parental timeline re-conditioning questions
  • Core identity model
  • The ‘not good enough’ model
  • Fear – the emotion that undermines us. The saboteur of future results.
  • Destructive behaviours

Fostering Self Awareness

  • Understanding Identity
  • Uncovering Identity Exercise
  • Locus of Control
  • The Comparison Cage
  • Developing Cognitive Flexibility
  • Perspective Experience
  • Discovering Personal Timelines
  • Improving Concentration
  • Where Mindfulness Joins CBT
  • Understanding and ranking what's important
  • Understanding the Rules
  • Johari Window
  • REBT
  • Maslow
  • Recognising triggers


  • Consequence and The Current Situation
  • Thoughts versus Feelings
  • The Anatomy of Emotion
  • Name That Feeling / Behaviour
  • Ranking Emotions
  • Healthy versus Unhealthy
  • Congruency

Behavioural Activation

  • Activity recording
  • Up and Down Activities
  • The Importance of Digging Deeper
  • Where Peace and Truth Combine
  • Introducing Negative Automatic Thoughts
  • Identifying Patterns

Communication skills

  • Communication patterns
  • Using communication to become more influential
  • Active listening
  • Blocks to healthy communication
  • Solution focused questions

Improvement Planning

  • Coping strategies
  • Smart Goal setting
  • Describing the Outcome
  • Discovering Improvement Actions
  • Overcoming Objects and Objections
  • Setting Appropriate Timelines
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Gap analysis
  • Gerard Egan's Skilled Helper Model
  • Chunking up and down
  • Overcoming inaction
  • Exposure techniques. The exposure ladder
  • De-catastrophising
  • Modifying rules
  • Alternative action formula

Applying CBT in practice

  • CBT for Children
  • CBT for Relationship Issues
  • CBT for friends and acquaintances
  • CBT in the Workplace
  • CBT and the growth mindset

Creating your CBT Coaching practice

  • A Coaching Framework
  • Therapy versus mentoring. The different roles
  • Remote contact or face-to-face?
  • Coaching frequency
  • Understanding the TFAR chain
  • Time out.
  • Terminating the sessions

Marketing your CBT Coaching practice

  • The different ways to market your business
  • Creating a website. Online appointment booking
  • Online advertising
  • Local marketing. The importance of networking
  • Publishing promotional material. Ebooks and tips.
  • Using social media as a marketing tool

Pricing your services

  • Getting paid
  • Keeping client files
  • The legal form of your practice
  • Your business name
  • Keeping the books, your accountant, and paying tax
  • Liaising with other professionals
  • Insurance

Bonus 1: Coaching Manual

All you need to set up a CBT coaching practice. Business forms, guides, checklists and more. It includes:

  • Business Start up Checklist
  • How to Achieve More: Life, Work and Study Planner and much more.

Bonus 2: CBT Worksheets Book

An invaluable set of editable exercises, questionnaires and tools you can use to help your client. Each has instructions for use. You can brand them with your own name and logo.

  • The Vicious Flower
  • The Extended ACB Form
  • TIC TOC Worksheet
  • Ranking Problems
  • Behavioural Effect Analysis
  • Cognition Correction Quiz
  • Attention Analysis
  • Emotional Symptom Record
  • Worry Workout
  • TENS
  • Definitions
  • Lazarus Technique
  • Life purpose workbook
  • STOPP Card Strategy
  • Socratic questioning
  • The CT journal. From triangle to table
  • Square breathing
  • The Half Smile
  • Trick your brain with visualisation
  • Re framing negative situations
  • Uncovering the lies
  • The table leg method
  • Zig Zag Exercise
  • CBT experiments

We supply all the modules at the beginning of the course. That means you can study topics whenever you choose. You don't have to wait weeks to get to a section that you need. Though we recommend you take the modules in the order shown, you can tackle them in any order you choose. To help you get the most from the course, we aim to be completely flexible.

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