Interior Designer Course

US students only

A note on accreditation

In the USA, what you may call yourself varies from state to state.

Click here for a state-by-state listing.

No one can stop you

Let's get one thing straight. No one can stop you working as an interior designer. You might have to choose your title with care. But you don't need to pass any certification or board exams to practice. Don't let them hoodwink you into believing this. It isn't true. It's a myth designed to frighten away potential competitors.

States Legislation

Some states have passed laws that reserve special names such as Certified or Registered interior designer to those who have passed specific exams.

These can involve a $980, 12.5 hour national licensing examination, state licensing, years of experience, and 20 hours of formal (and expensive) continuing education each year

In one or two states, you may not call yourself an 'interior designer' as well. See the list for more details

These certifications exclude thousands of hardworking, ethical and creative interior designers - in fact the majority of the industry. So you aren't alone!

But as we said, the legislation is not all-encompassing, and varies in its severity.

You can be an interior decorator

If you want to play very safe, you should call yourself an 'interior decorator'.

This is a widely used term, and one that in the consumer's mind is synonymous with 'interior designer'.

Indeed, some clients may find this term more welcoming, since it suggests that you will solve problems relating to curtains, flooring and furniture.

Add more qualifications later

Our Diploma qualification will set you up as a practicing interior designer.

When you've completed the course and have your own practice, you can decide whether to seek further qualifications. And your tutor will be able to discuss this with you.

Any questions?

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