Interior Designer Course

Making it as an Interior Designer

What's it like to be an interior designer? This film takes a behind-the-scenes look at the real world of interior design. It examines the lives of five

interior designers, and asks them penetrating questions that reveal the sec rets of the trade.

Made exclusively for the Diploma in Interior Design course, the film provides a unique overview on how to succeed.

'Making it as an Interior Designer' looks at pricing, suppliers and staffing. It examines the different types of work, the kinds of client you’ll encounter, and whether you need a 'signature' style.

The film also covers how to get started, how to promote your practice, and how to get paid. It looks at the costs involved in being an interior designer, and considers the highs and lows of its practitioners.

Armed with the knowledge this film and the accompanying course provide, you'll be able to decide whether and how to set up your own practice.