IT Consultant Course

IT Consultant Course Syllabus

1. Welcome

  • What makes a good IT consultant?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What are your earning and lifestyle goals?
  • Factors that make people go freelance
  • Getting experience prior to becoming an IT contractor

2. Who hires IT consultants?

  • home
  • SMEs
  • corporations
  • What services do they need?
  • Build and repair, trouble shoot, viruses
  • networking
  • programming
  • web design
  • systems analysis
  • IT training
  • selling products (and product or software markups)
  • selling software
  • Clients Local vs. distance
  • Clients – their attitudes and culture. The decision making process. Getting to Yes.

3. How to set up an IT contracting business

  • How to set up a business, the forms of business (sole trader, partnership, limited company), IR35
  • Your home office; communications, phone, answerphone

4. How much to charge

  • What others charge, working out your income needs

5. Managing Money

  • How to manage the money, keeping the books, tax, staying out of trouble, getting paid, chasing money

6. Legal issues

  • Contracts, letters. What kind of contract. Retainers.
  • Managing risk liability
  • Change management.

7. How to find clients, and market your services

  • Business Cards, Resume, PR, advertising (Google, local press, postcards, mail drops, blog, writing local articles, writing online articles), networking, word of mouth, online marketplaces, getting references)

8. The initial meeting

  • Understanding a client’s needs. Improving your sales skills. Selling a service, selling intangibles. Using NLP. How to project your personality. How to win clients over.

9. The process

  • Doing an audit.
  • Writing a proposal, setting a budget, planning a project, Status reporting, scheduling work.
  • Intellectual property

10. Managing your business

  • Customer Relationship Management: managing expectations, communicating well, assessing client satisfaction through informal feedback or questionnaire. Developing a lifelong relationship. Nurturing client relationships. Your quality of life vs income.
  • Improving your competence: continuing professional development.
  • Keeping the work coming in. Balancing conflicting client's needs.
  • Making decisions about the length of your working life. When and how will you retire? How many days' holidays per year? Managing your holidays. Who will cover? Getting a pension.

11. Growing the business, the advanced IT consultant

  • Outsourcing work, co-op working, hiring employees.
  • Moving to higher level work.
  • How to increase your income