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Want to learn cartooning?

You can be a cartoonist!

Cartooning is fun when you study to be a cartoonist

Open any newspaper or magazine, and you'll find cartoons. They're everywhere, from greeting cards to packaging, and even in TV commercials. The most prestigious of banks use them. And some become expensive works of art, like Gerald Scarfe's.

Why is cartooning so popular? Perhaps because cartoons make people smile. Perhaps because they put over a message in a succinct manner. Or perhaps because people find them endearing.

Whatever the reason, cartoons are a particular form of dry wit, and they reveal a lot about the cartoonist's wicked sense of fun.

Wouldn't you like to be a cartoonist?

Cartooning won't make you a millionaire. But if you've got a sense of humour, the world is waiting for you. You can get published, become famous, and get invited to great parties. You can win admiration, prizes and envy.

But never mind all that philosophising. You can also make money from cartoons - with a little help from us at the Blackford Centre!

Just one cartoon can earn you £90 ($160) from a national newspaper - Wouldn't you like that sort of money for using your natural skills?

QLS Level 3 Diploma

abc logo At the end of this course successful learners receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Learner Unit Summary. Read more

"I have found the course very stimulating and the tutor has been extremely helpful and encouraging. I have a more informed view of the world of the cartoonist and my confidence has increased significantly."

- Andy Piper, student

Who becomes a cartoonist?

All kinds of people get into cartooning. We've taught people from 16 to 76. Our learners have been unemployed, managers, teachers, retired people, housewives - everyone.

You need a sense of fun. You probably make jokes. And you probably see the lighter side in things. Not all the time, of course. Many of the greatest cartoonists have a bleak outlook on life. Some of us are 100% certified manic depressives!

The tutor is great - he gives me very detailed critiques which always give encouragement as well as suggestions for improvement.

- Marie Striker, student

Many of our learners have let their drawing skills lie dormant due to the time constraints of work and family, and some see the course as a way to fulfil their drawing urges without pressure.

About the course

'You can be a cartoonist' is a fun-filled course for anyone who wants to be a cartoonist. The course helps you to develop your own style of drawing. It increases your abilities, helps you create original ideas, and get published.

You don't need any formal art training or special drawing skills. The course is for complete beginners and also for those wanting to develop their skills. There are lots of practical exercises, tips and advice, and ten tutor-marked assignments.

As an essential ingredient of the course, you receive personal tuition from a successful, professional cartoonist.

You'll learn how to draw comic strips, caricatures, and how to produce a strip-cartoon and illustrations.

60 day guarantee sticker

Our guarantee

We offer a cast iron, money-back, no-quibble guarantee.

If you don't like the course (for any reason), just email us to cancel at any time within 60 days of receiving your pack, and we'll refund your course fees.

Why do we give this refund? Because we don't like to part on bad terms. Life's too short to fall out with people. And we'd prefer you to say nice things about us.

But does anyone actually claim a refund? Absolutely! Around five per cent of our students ask for their money back each month. And we're happy to pay them, because we know that the best course in the world won't suit every single person.

"The course surpassed all my expectations. I have also learnt much about the size of the market and how to approach it."

- F C Roebuck, student

When you complete the course

Once you complete the course, you'll receive your Diploma, which is a recognition of your skills and knowledge. We also send information about your success to your local newspapers. That's a good way of telling potential clients about your availability.

Blackford Centre

The Blackford Centre's tutors are full-time cartoonists, who bring their on-the-job experience to the course. You'll get advice directly from active practitioners - not armchair theorists.

The Blackford Centre is wholly financed by its members, from its courses and subscriptions, and from lectures and published material. It serves to bring together all kinds of cartoonists, both novices and long-standing experts.

"I hope to use these techniques in the illustration of a children's story which I'm writing and to use it in my work with young children."

- Mitch Esher, student

What you'll learn from this course

  • A thorough knowledge of cartooning techniques, and how to apply them in your work
  • How to produce your own 'file bank' from which you can source humorous situations, gags or characters for your cartoons
  • Locate possible markets and buyers of your cartoon work
  • How to increase your chances of being published, and get paid for your work.

It's time to get started

  1. Register online by clicking here. If you need help or information, email or phone the Blackford Centre.
  2. We’ll send you the full course materials within 5 days – anywhere in the world.
  3. When you get the course, read the first module. It's laid out in an easy-to-follow format. Then do the first assignment. Send it to your tutor for assessment. Your tutor will return it to you with friendly advice and comments.
  4. Do the same for the other modules, until you reach the end of the course. By then, you'll probably be earning good money as a cartoonist.
  5. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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