Cartooning Course

Course Syllabus

1. Welcome.

  • Tools of the trade and your Workspace.
  • Cartoon Drawing - the basics, the face, head, hands and feet.
  • Assignment No. 1.

2. How to draw better. The stick figure method. Action lines.

  • Creating a cartoon file.
  • Using the stick method to draw cartoon figures.
  • Action lines! Introduction to the history of cartooning.
  • Assignment No. 2.

3. Drawing animals. Inanimate objects. Creating streotypes.

  • Clothing and props in cartoons.
  • Animals.
  • Stereotypes.
  • Developing your cartoon file.
  • Assignment No. 3.

4. How to generate ideas and gags. Using cliches

  • How to create your own ideas bank, to produce gags and humorous situations for your cartoons.
  • Using your cartoon file. The three basic cartoon formats.
  • Assignment No. 4.

5. Introducing backgrounds. Using exaggerations. Perspective.

  • The art of caricature and techniques.
  • Checklist of features to exaggerate.
  • A brief history of caricature.
  • Assignment No. 5.

6. Adding colour. Niche markets. Understanding the law.

  • The Law of Copyright, and how it affects you.
  • Union rates for freelancers.
  • The market for cartoons including niche and hidden outlets for your work.
  • Assignment No 6.

7. How to market your work. Copywright. Creating puzzles.

  • Looking at further markets for your cartoons.
  • Studying magazines and market research.
  • Speculative approaches. Keeping track of your work - how to set up your own filing system.
  • Assignment No.7.

8. Comic strips. How to generate cards.

  • The comic strip. Characters and locations.
  • Introducing conflict between characters to illustrate humour.
  • Lettering and layout.
  • How to market your comic strips.
  • Approaching editors- the need for persistence.
  • Assignment No. 8.

9. How to create greeting cards. How to present your work.

  • The greetings card market.
  • UK and USA markets.
  • Necessity for research.
  • How to approach publishers and present your work.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • The local business market for card designs.
  • Assignment No 9.

10. Manga. Graphic novels. Your own website. Turn pro.

  • The ownership of artwork and First Publishing Rights explained.
  • Using colour in your cartoons.
  • The market is there for them!
  • Building on your skills acquired throughout this course. And specialising.
  • The route to success.
  • Assignment No. 10.

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