Cartooning Course

Course Modules

Module 1

Tools of the trade and your Workspace. Cartoon Drawing - the basics, the face, head, hands and feet. Assignment No. 1.

Module 2

Creating a cartoon file. Using the stick method to draw cartoon figures. Action lines! Introduction to the history of cartooning. Assignment No. 2.

Module 3

Clothing and props in cartoons. Animals. Stereotypes. Developing your cartoon file. Assignment No. 3.

Module 4

How to create your own ideas bank, to produce gags and humorous situations for your cartoons. Using your cartoon file. The three basic cartoon formats. Assignment No. 4.

Module 5

The art of caricature and techniques. Checklist of features to exaggerate. A brief history of caricature. Assignment No. 5.

Module 6

The Law of Copyright, and how it affects you. How to price your work. National Union rates for freelancers. The market for cartoons including niche and hidden outlets for your work. Assignment No 6.

Module 7

Looking at further markets for your cartoons. Studying magazines and market research. Speculative approaches. Keeping track of your work - how to set up your own filing system. Assignment No.7.

Module 8

The comic strip. Characters and locations. Introducing conflict between characters to illustrate humour. Lettering and layout. How to market your comic strips. Approaching editors- the need for persistence. Assignment No. 8.

Module 9

The greetings card market. UK and USA markets. Necessity for research. How to approach publishers and present your work. Pitfalls to avoid. The local business market for card designs. Assignment No 9.

Module 10

The ownership of artwork and First Publishing Rights explained. Using colour in your cartoons. The market is there for them! Building on your skills acquired throughout this course. And specialising. The route to success. Assignment No. 10.