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Our tutors are a talented and friendly bunch of people who enjoy helping our learners develop their skills.

Copywriting course


Chris Steward

Chris has been a full-time professional copywriter since 1993, working both for agencies and direct for companies. Earlier in his career he worked in a range of client-side marketing roles, combining copywriting with other responsibilities, including planning and production management.

As a freelance copywriter, Chris has written just about every kind of marketing communication, from radio commercials for rail travel and videos for new housing developments to IT websites and holiday brochures. He’s written about insurance, credit cards, bread, airports, cruises, TV programmes, fruit juice cartons, rabbit food, tractors and more. He’s even written ads extolling the benefits of concrete building blocks!

Copywriting course

Mark Foster

Mark has been a copywriter for over 20 years, starting off in London advertising agencies and then moving to the country and going freelance in 1991.

In London Mark used to work on major accounts such as Barclays Bank, Lee Jeans, Nikon cameras and Fiat. The work appeared on TV, at cinemas, on the radio and in the national press.

As a freelancer he now works more on brochures, direct mail and newsletters, although he occasionally does TV and radio.

Become a Copywriter

Richard Owsley

Richard is a full time copywriter for a specialist copywriting agency which he set up with some colleagues. Much of what he writes is what we call ‘business-to-business’ – that is, for a business audience (e.g. case studies for Ericsson, brochures for Vodafone, ads for Sony).

He also writes for the consumer (Boots travel insurance booklets, Jobcentre leaflets, and Bank of Scotland letters), for staff (Safeway and Prudential), and for investors (Marks & Spencer's annual report).

Become a Copywriter

Lee Lillie

Lee is a freelance copywriter based in Oxfordshire, offering General Copywriting (with an Industrial Sector Copywriting specialism) to companies worldwide.

After graduating from The Blackford Centre for Copywriting in 2007, Lee's business WHITE HORSE COPYWRITING has gone from strength to strength.

When not copywriting, he enjoys reading, drawing and classical guitar.

Jehane Newton-Manning

Jehane has been working with the Blackford Centre for over 10 years, as a copywriting and proofreading course tutor. She has guided hundreds of students through the process of becoming fantastic and successful copywriters, editors and proofreaders.

As a freelance copywriter Jehane works for businesses all over the world, including Brabantia, Europcar, Gore-Tex and many other smaller, but just as important companies.

Her editing and proofreading work covers both business and academic fields, and many of her clients are non-English speakers.

Jehane has experience of many subject areas, from finance to tourism, and technical to marketing and languages.

“I love working with the Blackford Centre and helping students follow their dreams of becoming copywriters, editors, proofreaders or even all three! Nothing is more satisfying than when a student finishes the course and writes to say they have found work.”

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