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Ingrid Coman

I am trying my best to go back to my assignments and finish the course.
At the same time yes, I do have my first clients.

They came through my creative writing lessons. I am helping them as best I can and they are very happy. One of them, who came to share with me a story of abused childhood, is even going to turn it into a book that we are writing together.
A true life story that will serve as a testimonial for many.

My skills and my dreams are merging together in a beautiful way and I hope I will manage to carry on in the best possible way. As for the business side, I am working from home at the moment, but it is my intention, once I will receive my diploma, to have a space in an already existing structure, like a clinic or similar.

These are some feedback messages from the girls of a Clinic for Eating disorders where I used to have a class of girls until a few months ago.
Some of them have remained my clients even after.

Staying in touch with you makes me feel connected so thank you so much for not forgetting me.
Wish you a perfect day.

“Hi is so sweet of you to reach out especially since I guess you understood that I struggle with getting in contact. I just don't want to waste your time. I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your session...I always liked writing and I learnt in time to use it to release my anxieties and to help me get through my panic attacks. Even though I've met you only twice you've left such a strong impact on doesn't happen to me often...I just felt some strange connection and I felt as if you were talking straight to my soul. In all these years of struggles I read so many books and literature on psychology and personal development...and when I met you I felt that you were a concentrate of all the books I've read, of all the meaningful sentences I've underlined and I've written down, all the positive thinking thoughts that I've bee trying to feel myself with...your words were just so straight to the point that I couldn't believe how connected I felt to what you were saying. I;m sorry for being so direct... In these last 8 weeks in the clinic unfortunately I've felt quite lost and ununderstood because my condition is extremely different to all those girls in the clinic...and the first time I felt understood was in your session... Thank you so much for making me feel less weird and alone in that really meant the world to me. I don't know where you come from and what's your like been like but I feel you've been through a lot and you're using all your experiences, good ones and bad ones, to help all these girls in difficulties...I cannot thank you enough for doing that...just being in the same room with you helped me, and it helped other girls...and it brought some soul and meaning to a place that can sometimes be very hard to live in... Thank you for all your hard work..and for allowing me to share my thoughts with you...”

- Jelena

“Please allow me once again to thank you for coming over at the clinic every week - your presence is kind of magical and brings a lot peace and tranquillity. I am really thankful that you exist and that our paths stumbled in this journey. Your words get me straight in the heart and they move me so much - It is like you know and can feel the painful story of everyone of us...I don't know how to describe it but it just feels incredible. Your presence brings just like a gust of fresh wind from within - the moment just freezes and everything seems straight. Thank you once for sharing all this love with us xxx

Your broken wing shows me vividly that life is a BEAUTIFUL struggle! You taught me that what makes us vulnerable makes me beautiful and that is one of the many lessons which I will cherish forever. You taught me that being vulnerable is not just about showing the parts of you that are shiny and pretty and fun. It’s about revealing what you deny or keep hidden from other people - to let go of guilt and shame! I always feared to reveal my authentic self, as there is the great possibility that I will be misunderstood, labelled, or worst of all, rejected. When you are near, I feel that nobody or nothing can hurt me - you make me feel safe - so isn't this something which only belong to angels? The fact that you are broken made me connect more with you - what's the point in being whole and perfect - by being imperfect and fragile you can easily relate to other's pain and grief - and believe me that you do this so well!!

I really want to thank you for being the SPECIAL YOU - you really bring a wave of NEW HOPE to this universe and a high dosage of faith to the discouraged. I thank God for your existence!!

I have to share this with you if you allow me - after the session one of the girls commented on the strong soul connection she feels I have with you - and I had to agree with her .

I really want to keep in touch with you and I do hope one day, I will be able to pay you back for all the good things you are making happen in my life right now - you are making me see the unseen!! Lots of love and big big hugssss.

I will always keep your angel close but your angelic presence closer xxxx

Everyone needs some sunshine in his life and you warm our hearts so nicely. When both of us will take our different paths, im sure that your pleasant fragrance will last for long and will eternally flower our journey for good. You do not even realise all the good and positive you are doing with every one of us. It is beautiful!!!! God bless you always xxx”

- Suzanne

“Because you are pure and you have clarity that not many people have.. Those singers and Christmas remind me of those aspects especially in you”

- Seralie

“Dear Ingrid,

Im writing to you to see how you are doing. At times, i do think of you and remember our journey together. You were an inspiration to me and you were one of the few that your words left a huge impact in me. You always encouraged me to feel a part of the group we were in and you valued me no matter the amount of weaknesses i encountered and was facing during that period. Ill never forget how much you valued me and made me feel welcomed and trusted me with all the responsibilities we had that time. Thank you so much. Anyway, how are you doing? Its been quite a long time! Take care and keep on smiling. Send my regards to your wonderful son as well!! Some memories will always be captured in my thoughts.”

- Kelsey

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