Depressed? Stressed? In a crisis?

At the Blackford Institute we help people
with many kinds of distress.

Counselling can help you see the way forward.

• Are you feeling stressed, anxious, low or suicidal?

• Is your relationship in trouble?

• Are you suffering abuse?

• Do you feel worthless or have low self-esteem?

• Do you have problems with addiction or compulsive behaviour?

• Eating disorders

• Child related problems

• Bereavement and loss

• Trauma

• Troubling memories, problems from childhood

It's always best to talk, rather than suffer on your own. Take the first step by reading the articles below. Then feel free to contact us. We have counsellors standing by to help you.


Alcoholism: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Main Consequences of Alcohol Depression


The Essential Value of Anger Management Classes


Signs and Treatment for Anxiety Symptoms

3 Simple Ways for Anxiety Treatment


How to Overcome a Loss Thanks to Bereavement Counselling

Going Through The Loss: The Role of a Bereavement Counsellor


The Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Child counselling

Guidelines on How to Find a Good Child Counsellor

Six Factors To Check In a Child Therapist

What is the Role of a Therapist for Children?

Counselling services

Tips on Counselling Services Good For You

Useful Tips to Finding a Counsellor

Tips on Finding a Therapist

Pros and Cons of Online Counselling

Benefits of Online Therapy

How to Choose a Qualified Counselor

Who is an Online Counsellor?

Benefits of Phone Counselling

How to Find Counselling in London

How to Find Counsellors in London

How to Find a Counsellor, Bristol Area

Counselling can help you in your personal growth

What is Counselling for?

Find a Counsellor

How to Find a Reliable Therapist in London

Find a Therapist, Leeds Area

Tips on Finding a Therapist, London Area

Finding a Counsellor, Glasgow area

How to Find a Counsellor, Leeds Area

How to Find a Therapist, Bristol Area

Tips on Finding a Therapist, Edinburgh based.

How to Find the Right London Counsellor for You.

Tips on How to Find a Therapist

Couple counselling

Couple Counselling To Improve Your Marriage

Can a Marriage Counsellor Heal a Troubled Relationship?

Marriage Counselling: Does it really Help?

Do You Need Marriage Guidance?

How to Fix a Broken Marriage with Relationship Counselling

Reasons to go to Relationship Counseling

Dealing with Relationship Problems


A Step-by-Step Plan to Beat Depression

The Main Causes of Depression

Counselling Directory: A Great Resource To Start Your Treatment

Tips on Counselling For Depression

Counselling Help: The Right Approach To Solve Depression

Dealing With Menopause and Depression

Depression In Children: Identification and Treatmentsd

Depression in Men: Causes and Treatment

Depression in Teenagers: Symptoms and What Parents Can do

What is depression?

What to do When Someone Says "I Have Depression"

Natural Remedies for Depression

Why do I Feel Depressed?

Am I Depressed?

Tips for Fighting Depression

Self Help Tips on Dealing with Depression

Tips on How to Beat Your Depression

How to Diagnose and Treat Male Depression

How to Combat Lonely and Depressed Feelings

Living with Depression: Is there any hope?

I'm so depressed: What to do when you get the Blues

If you are feeling the blues, you could have depression.

Tips on Overcoming Depression

Dealing with Postnatal Depression

Tips on Recovering from Depression

Natural Remedies for Depression

How to Spot Signs of Depression

What to do when you are Suffering from Depression

Common Symptoms of Depression

How to Spot Signs of Depression

Treating Depression

Understanding Depression

Are you Feeling Depressed?

How to Beat Depression

How to Deal with Depression

How to Manage Stress and Depression

Family therapy

Benefits Brought by a Family Therapist

Tips on How to Find a Therapist

Benefits Brought by a Family Therapist

The Benefits of seeing a Family Therapist


Going to Grief Counseling can help you Deal with a Loss

Using Grief Counseling to Deal with a Loss

School Guidance Counsellors

What Parents Need to Know about School Guidance Counsellors

Tips for Parents about School Guidance Counsellor


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