Creative Writing Course

Certificate in Creative Writing

Want to get published?

This massive writing course reveals the secrets of great creative writing, and helps you get into print.

woman on booksOur Cetrificate in Creative Writing covers every aspect of creative writing.

You'll discover everything from novel writing to short stories, and from sharpening your writing skills to finding an agent.

So if you've always wanted to get published, now is the time to make that dream come true.

You can start the course at any time, and take as long as you need.

Just look at the subjects we cover:
- fiction
- non-fiction
- poetry, autobiography and biography.

Plus you can study screenplays/screenwriting, and the genres of your choice, such as
- crime
- horror
- science fiction

What a great range!

It could be the start of a new and different life for you. Once you've got published, it's easier to get other work into print. Publishers look at your proposals with more interest.

Plus you get more self-respect, and the admiration of others who would like to be in your position.

What could be more exciting than opening a letter from a publisher, and reading the amazing news - that your work has been accepted, and will appear in print?

But how easy is it to get published? And will the creative writing course help?

writerWell, there are more books and publications being published all the time - so there is a demand for your writing. But on the other hand, there is more competition from other would-be writers.

Also, you have to know how to present material that will attract the publishers' eye. Few writers have that instinct - and we at the Blackford Centre can teach it.

So, enrolling on the course gives you a real advantage over other creative writers.

We reveal how to find out what publishers want. And we show you how to set out your proposal in such a beguiling manner that the publisher is virtually forced to say 'Yes' to you.

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Improving your writing

Does your writing some times get stuck? Do your characters seem a bit flat - and in need of some polish? And would you like help in making your writing more crisp and deep?

If so, the creative writing course is for you. It provides a thorough grounding in every aspect of creative writing. But it's also flexible so you can concentrate on the elements that really interest you.

The Details

  • The course consists of 19 modules, and an online exam at the end

Upgrade and get Certification

For an extra £50 (total £143) you get a second, independent Level 3 Certificate from the Quality License Scheme

Click here to see more about the Quality License Scheme (it opens in a new page).

The Award is further evidence of your knowledge on creative writing. It could help you win more clients. To learn more about upgrading, contact us by phone or email.


Creative Writing Handbook (Value £27)

Receiving your course material

The course is delivered at two-day intervals to your inbox. If you don't receive your course email, check your spam box. If it hasn't arrived, call us on 0800 781 1715 or email us by clicking here.

60 day guarantee sticker

Our guarantee

We offer a cast iron, money-back, no-quibble guarantee.

If you don't like the course (for any reason), just email us to cancel at any time within 60 days of receiving your pack, and we'll refund your course fees.

Why do we give this refund? Because we don't like to part on bad terms. Life's too short to fall out with people. And we'd prefer you to say nice things about us.

But does anyone actually claim a refund? Absolutely! Around five per cent of our students ask for their money back each month. And we're happy to pay them, because we know that the best course in the world won't suit every single person.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 781 17 15 (or +44 1373 470 270 if you're outside the UK), or any of the phone numbers at the bottom of the page, and we'll answer any queries you have.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

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Kit Sadgrove
Course Director

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