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Certificate in Criminology

Become a criminology expert

Every day, the newspapers and TV report on terrible crimes. Politicians argue for ever stiffer sentences. The jails are full to bursting; yet nothing seems to work.

It's no wonder you're interested in criminology. This fascinating and fairly recent subject examines why people commit crime. It aims to discover what’s the best way to reduce crime.

Away from the emotions stirred up in the popular press, we try to discover what works and what doesn’t.

And we pry into the mind of the criminal, to provide us with insights into why crime happens.

Take a quick look at the course contents (on the left of this page), to see all the amazing things you'll be covering.

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Course contents

For full details of the topics covered, see Course Contents. The course includes:

  • 10 study units, covering all aspects of criminology.
  • 27 self-assessment exercises that help you check you've absorbed the information.
  • 15 videos that explain each subject in an easy-to understand way
  • A test at the end of the course, with a downloadable Certificate
  • Telephone support from a Course Advisor

The skills you'll gain from studying criminology

Apart from knowing about crime and punishment, the Certificate in Criminology course gives you useful additional skills:

  • Organising 
  • Planning
  • Communicating
  • Critical evaluation 
  • Problem solving
  • Working to deadlines
  • Clear and logical thinking
  • Research 
  • Analytical skills
  • Gathering, assessing and interpreting information 

Are there prior requirements for enrolling?

No, there are no prior requirements for enrolling on this course. You don’t need any specific qualifications. A desire to do the criminology course and an open mind are essential.

Course Delivery

You’ll get instant online access to the criminology course immediately upon payment. We then send you a module each week - enough time for you to absorb the information. 

Course length

Many learners complete the criminology course in 12 weeks. This is only an average time: some people do it faster, and others take longer. Because the course is home-based learning, you learn at your own pace.

There is no time limit for completing the course. You can take as long as you want.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed by a final exam. If you get at least 65% in the final exam, you'll receive a downloadable Certificate in Criminology.

The course also has many Self-Assessment exercises. With all this help, you'll be identify your weak spots, practise the new skills you're learning, and track your improvement.

Upgrade and get Certification

For an extra £50 (total £143) you get a second, independent Level 3 Certificate from the Quality Licence Scheme.

Click here to see more about the Quality Licence Scheme (it opens in a new page).

The Award is further evidence of your professional criminology experience. It could get you a better or more re3lvant job, or set you off on a new career in criminology. To learn more contact us by phone or email.

60 day guarantee sticker

Our guarantee

We offer a cast iron, money-back, no-quibble guarantee.

If you don't like the course (for any reason), just email us to cancel at any time within 60 days of receiving your pack, and we'll refund your course fees.

Why do we give this refund? Because we don't like to part on bad terms. Life's too short to fall out with people. And we'd prefer you to say nice things about us.

But does anyone actually claim a refund? Absolutely! Around five per cent of our students ask for their money back each month. And we're happy to pay them, because we know that the best course in the world won't suit every single person.

Outcomes of the course

At the end of the course, you'll have acquired these skills:

  • You’ll understand the essentials of criminology.
  • You’ll be familiar with the major theories of why crime happens.
  • You’ll understand the main areas of criminology, including violent crime, crime against women, and hate crime.
  • You’ll understand criminals’ behaviour better
  • And you'll know how we can try to reduce crime.

In short, you'll have the fact and figures about crime and punishment at your fingertips, and possibly use that in your work.

Who'll benefit from doing this criminology course?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about criminology.

Job opportunities

Being able to analyse information and think clearly means that criminology students are suited to any job that requires a rational and enquiring mind.

Many learners are drawn to public service, which includes work in social services, the prison service, the police and probation service.

People who find criminology especially useful, or who work in the field, include:

  • Local authority employees
  • Government workers
  • Probation officers
  • Youth work
  • Prison service
  • Police officers
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Lawyers and other legal professionals
  • Secret intelligence services

But most learners do it because they're fascinated by the subject

Any questions?

If you have any questions, call us on 0800 781 17 15 (or +44 1373 470 270 if you're outside the UK), or any of the phone numbers at the bottom of the page, and we'll answer any queries you have.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

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Kit Sadgrove
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