Criminology Course

Diploma in Criminology

The 11 Criminology Course Modules

  1. Understanding Criminology
  2. What is criminology?
    How has criminology changed over time?
    18th Century
    19th Century
    20th Century
    Criminals as victims of society
    Inequality as a basis for crime
    Types of punishment
    Evolution of punishment
    Rehabilitation vs. punishment
    Considerations for the future

  3. Violent Crime
  4. The extent of the criminal act
    Senseless crimes
    Depression and crime
    Crime and anger
    Real crime and fictional crime
    Sex crimes
    Football hooliganism
    Burglary with intent
    Children who kill

  5. Hate Crimes
  6. History of hate crimes
    Ideology of hate groups
    Hate and the law today
    Prevention: Embracing diversity
    Women and crime
    Crimes against women
    Prevention: Promoting women’s human rights
    Women’s roles in the criminal justice system

  7. Terrorism Part 1
  8. Definition of terrorism
    Statistics of terrorism attacks
    History and the four waves of terrorism
    Causes of terrorism
    Structure of terrorist organisations
    Anti-terrorism legislation

  9. Terrorism Part 2
  10. The structure of terror organisations
    Al Qaeda and groups affiliated and inspired by it
    The ‘Islamic State’ and the Levant (ISIL)
    National anti-terrorism legislation
    Is terrorism successful?

  11. Organised Crime
  12. The history of organized crime
    The Italian Mafia
    Ethnic organised crime groups
    Other organised crime groups
    Areas of activity
    Policing strategies against organised crime
    Transnational organised crime
    The future of organised crime

  13. Young People and the Community
  14. Youth and crime
    Anti-social behaviour
    Juvenile offenders and the law
    Sentencing – Hard and soft options
    Community and crime
    Victims speak out

  15. Prison and Capital Punishment
  16. Prison population
    Who goes to prison and why
    The effectiveness of incarceration
    Incarceration, probation, and community sentencing
    The death penalty around the world
    Minor offenders and the death penalty
    Capital punishment and the courts
    Is the death penalty a worthy sentencing option?
    Politics and crime

  17. White Collar Crime
  18. White collar crime: what is it?
    Most popular forms of white collar crime
    Types of punishments
    High tech crime and money laundering
    Examples of infamous white collar crimes
    Corporate manslaughter

  19. Drugs and Crime
  20. Common drugs and their classification
    Drug organisations hierarchy
    Roles in the illicit drug market
    International drug market
    Drugs and crime
    Winning the war on drugs

  21. Careers in Criminology
  22. Traditional career pathways
    Feeding your interest
    Criminology and education
    Criminology and community work
    Criminology and public services
    Criminology and youth work
    Personal qualities and experience