Criminology Course

Diploma in Criminology

The 11 Criminology Course Modules


  • What is criminology?
  • How has criminology changed over time?
  • 18th Century
  • 19th Century
  • 20th Century
  • Criminals as victims of society
  • Inequality as a basis for crime
  • Types of punishment
  • Evolution of punishment
  • Rehabilitation vs. punishment
  • Considerations for the future

Violent Crime

  • The extent of the criminal act
  • Senseless crimes
  • Depression and crime
  • Crime and anger
  • Real crime and fictional crime
  • Sex crimes
  • Football hooliganism
  • Burglary with intent
  • Murder
  • Children who kill

Hate Crimes

  • History of hate crimes
  • Ideology of hate groups
  • Hate and the law today
  • Prevention: Embracing diversity
  • Women and crime
  • Crimes against women
  • Prevention: Promoting women’s human rights
  • Women’s roles in the criminal justice system

Terrorism Part 1

  • Definition of terrorism
  • Statistics of terrorism attacks
  • History and the four waves of terrorism
  • Causes of terrorism
  • Structure of terrorist organisations
  • Anti-terrorism legislation

Terrorism Part 2

  • The structure of terror organisations
  • Al Qaeda and groups affiliated and inspired by it
  • The ‘Islamic State’ and the Levant (ISIL)
  • National anti-terrorism legislation
  • Criticisms
  • Is terrorism successful?

Organised Crime

  • The history of organized crime
  • The Italian Mafia
  • Ethnic organised crime groups
  • Other organised crime groups
  • Areas of activity
  • Policing strategies against organised crime
  • Transnational organised crime
  • The future of organised crime

Young People and the Community

  • Youth and crime
  • Theories
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Juvenile offenders and the law
  • Sentencing – Hard and soft options
  • Community and crime
  • Victims speak out

Prison and Capital Punishment

  • Prison population
  • Who goes to prison and why
  • The effectiveness of incarceration
  • Incarceration, probation, and community sentencing
  • The death penalty around the world
  • Minor offenders and the death penalty
  • Capital punishment and the courts
  • Is the death penalty a worthy sentencing option?
  • Politics and crime

White Collar Crime

  • White collar crime: what is it?
  • Most popular forms of white collar crime
  • Types of punishments
  • High tech crime and money laundering
  • Examples of infamous white collar crimes
  • Corporate manslaughter

Drugs and Crime

  • Common drugs and their classification
  • Drug organisations hierarchy
  • Roles in the illicit drug market
  • International drug market
  • Drugs and crime
  • Winning the war on drugs

Careers in Criminology

  • Traditional career pathways
  • Feeding your interest
  • Criminology and education
  • Criminology and community work
  • Criminology and public services
  • Criminology and youth work
  • Personal qualities and experience