Digital Marketing

What’s included in your course

  • A Quick Start guide, to get you going.

  • A sturdy ring binder that holds the 9 course modules.† It lies flat for ease of study. In the online edition, we provide the modules as online PDFs.

  • 28,000 words of practical how-to text. You get detailed information that guides you skillfully towards becoming an expert digital marketer.

  • 16 videos. Six hours of information. Sit back, relax and learn all about digital marketing.

  • 8 Digital Marketing assignments. Your assignments will be carefully reviewed with personal advice by an experienced tutor.

  • Copywriting course
  • A useful case that keeps all your course material.†

  • A confidential personal profile for you to complete. It helps you assess your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and your progress.

  • A study guide and planner that helps you organise your study.

  • 24 self-assessment exercises. They occur throughout the course to help you check that you can tackle every type of online marketing.

  • 49 ways to promote your service
  • 'How to Succeed in your Distance Learning Course' booklet (right). Tips and advice on how to successfully complete your course. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • '49 Winning Ways to Promote your Service' booklet (right). Great ideas to get you started. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • 'How to Write Assignments' booklet. This booklet offers useful guidance on how to prepare your assignments. It's not available elsewhere.

  • Digital Marketing Checklist
  • Personal career advice during the course.

  • Question and Answer sheets for you to have your queries answered.

  • 'Digital Marketing Checklist booklet (right). Limited time offer. Helps you audit any business.

† Not in the online edition, where most of the content is provided as downloadable PDFs.

Plus! Access your course online

  • Online edition of the course. Get access to all the course modules and assignments when you register.
  • Permanent access to your course, 24/7.

And when you complete the course, you'll get the following free items:

Certified Digital Marketer

  • A handsome Diploma to frame and display on your wall.

  • A 'Certified Digital Marketer' logo (above) to put on your website and your notepaper.

  • A press release sent to your local newspapers (if you want).

  • An open reference that shows you have completed the course, and which may open doors for you.

  • The right to use the post nominal letters Dip. Dig. Mark. (BC) after your name.

From time to time we may improve, amend and extend the items mentioned here.