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I would highly recommend it. It is very thorough and help is always available.
Shona, County Durham, UK
“I have learnt so much already that I didn't know and I'm not even half way through it yet.”
Claire, Co. Down, UK
“You are able to study at home at your own pace and if you need assistance your tutor is always available to help you.”
Sharon, Bristol, UK
“Do it! The course is very good.”
Kelly Buchanan, Herefordshire, UK
“Definitely worthwhile and excellent value for money.”
Philippa Clarke, UK

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Julie Grune

My hubby and I set up the business 4 years ago and I have been driving the one mobile parlour we have but I wanted to also be able to groom myself and not only watch our lady groomer groom. So this is why I wanted to do the Blackford Course.

Doing this has boosted my confidence tremendously and taught me cutting skills and I am now able to groom the easier dogs myself (as per picture attached). Our head groomer has over 20 year’s experience.

I am very happy with what I learnt from my Grooming course through Blackford – thank you!

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