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September Sale. Enrol on a course that could change your life!

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Wouldn't you love to train
your puppy like an expert –
and then earn a living from it?

Hello I'm Emily Richmond, and I want to show you how you can train your puppy, and go on to become a professional trainer.

If you love dogs – and you like to share their joyous, fun-filled days – you'll know how important it is to train them properly.

Emily says:

"My friend's puppy Bella barks at children. This frightens them, which in turn frustrates both Bella and her owners. It deeply upsets me, and is something I come across too much working as a dog trainer. This situation can be easily avoided but unfortunately Bella’s owners simply don't understand her.

"She hasn't been socialised. Her owners haven’t helped her deal with small human beings; and she's scared of their unpredictable ways.

"Nor does she like other animals, because she sees them as a threat. That's because no one has helped her deal with that fear.

"I want to show them what they're doing wrong. And I want to teach you how to do the same."

- Emily

You can be the person who shows owners how to train their dog. And in a small way you'll make the world a better place. Contented dogs make for happy families, and become a lifelong companion.

And the best way to become a professional is through the Blackford Centre's Diploma in Dog Training.

The course is accredited to Level 4 by ABC Awards, an independent accreditation body that's regulated by Ofqual, the UK's qualifications regulator.

The course is full of videos, exercises, plans and checklists.

Getting this qualification will give you the confidence to train your puppy, and then train other people's dogs.

By taking this course, you'll discover trade secrets such as:

  • How to interpret your puppy's moods and responses
  • Short cuts to puppy training
  • 5 Mistakes made by amateur trainers
  • How to find dog owners who want their puppies trained
  • Where to advertise.
  • Magic words that attract clients
  • Other services you can offer – for almost no additional effort

To be a professional dog trainer you have to understand dog psychology, something not all dog trainers understand. You can't beat an animal into obedience – and we never, ever use threats, bullying or violence. It's bad training and creates an unhappy dog.

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About me

I'm Emily Richmond, a professional dog trainer. And I've teamed up with the Blackford Centre to help you become a pro.

I'm a Zoology graduate from the University of Exeter where I studied animal behaviour extensively.

I've worked for a number of years with a Guide Dog puppy walker, which is where I gained additional practical knowledge. I also work as a dog walker and teach these dogs to heel, wait, take and find.

I'm good with animal psychology, and I want to show you how you can teach your dog to do anything you like.

So whether you have a tiny puppy or an older dog who needs to learn new tricks, I'd love to welcome you on to the course.

Not only dog training but a whole lot more

You'd be surprised how far dog training can take you. Once an owner sees you're caring and responsible, they'll ask you to do other tasks.

That can include walking their dog - because owners don’t have enough time.

They'll also ask you to care for their dog when they go away on holiday.

You can offer to groom their dog as well. Many breeds get matted if their coats aren't combed and cut from time to time.

And that's before we get on to looking after an owner's home, doing errands, cutting their grass, and so on.

But whoa, we're getting ahead of ourselves! Puppy training is where it starts because that's where the owner's needs begin. All their other needs come later.

Why choose this course?

Packed with videos, 40,000 words of text, exercises and assignments, the Blackford Centre Diploma in Dog Training gives you all you need to train your puppy and then, as your confidence grows, to set yourself up as a dog trainer.

You'll get checklists and guides, as well as Structured Learning Plans that let you run dog obedience classes, straight out of the box.

The course is written in a simple, down to earth way. We don’t use three words when one will do. And if you've found this website interesting so far, then the course is for you.

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QLS Level 4 Diploma

abc logo At the end of this course successful learners receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Learner Unit Summary. Read more

Free bonus items with the printed edition

Buy the printed edition of the course, and you'll get several bonus items. They include:

  • Silent dog whistle
  • Training clicker
  • Treat bag with cord

These are professional tools, as used by experienced trainers. They come with full instructions, so you'll quickly learn how to use them. They will speed up each puppy's learning and help you look more of an expert.

We also provide a Supplier's List so you can give your clients the same tools if you choose.

Both the printed and the online edition also include a quick start guide, useful tables and charts, and hints and tips. You'll also have sophisticated looking reminder sheets to give out to your clients.

Learn how to earn money from dog training

We've included masses of content on how to set up and run you own dog training business. We show you simple ways to:

  • Stay on the right side of the law
  • Create 'set and forget' marketing activity that generates constant sales leads
  • Get paid. And how to increase your fees.
  • Manage your finances in a straightforward way
  • Keep effective records
  • Run your own classes
  • Locate free and low cost software to run the business

You can start the course immediately, and study at your own pace.

You'll have your own tutor, who will be a practising dog trainer. They will help you every step of the way.

And when you finish the course you'll get 60 days of free business mentoring.

In addition to the printed Diploma we send you, you'll also get a 'Professional Dog Trainer' logo for your website, notepaper and invoices.

How you'll learn

We start at the very beginning, explaining all you need to know about puppy and dog training. Dog obedience is largely based on understanding dog psychology. So we'll be looking at the world through the eyes of a dog. That's something many dog trainers don’t understand – but by the end of the course you'll be a dog psychology expert.

We do this with the help of videos, instructional text and exercises. You'll also send assignments to your tutor. But don’t worry, they're all based on common sense, and are designed to help you succeed.

We don’t believe in punishment, only encouragement. Like a child, it takes time for a dog to learn what he can and can't do. And you'll be training the owner as much as teaching the dog. Because at the end of the training, the owner will need to continue to apply the methods you've taught them.

Bad behaviour is rarely the fault of the dog. It's usually that the owner doesn't know to manage the animal. And it's not the owner's fault either. They just need to be shown, calmly and sympathetically, how to help their dog to be well behaved.

And you'll get a wonderful feeling when you see a dog and its owner begin to come together, walking side by side. When you see an end to the dog pulling on its lead, barking at other animals or snapping at people, you'll get a huge sense of satisfaction.

Not only that but you'll be earning great money as well.

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OK, how much can I make as a dog trainer?

Imagine taking a 45 minute class of five owners, each with their dog. They'll pay just £10. That's £50 you've just earned, in under an hour. For anyone who does a badly paid job, there's no comparison.

And what about private lessons? Some trainers charge £110 for 2.5 hours.

As you get known, using our exclusive marketing programme, your diary will soon fill up. You'll end up with a waiting list. So, when people phone, you'll have to say, "I'm really sorry but I can't take you on right now, because my diary is full." Wouldn't that be a miracle?

What's more, you'll be working for yourself, with no boss to order you about. You can fit your classes around your other commitments, whether that's collecting children from school or caring for an elderly relative.

You can run classes in a local park, or in a back garden, so there's little or no costs in running the business. Virtually every penny you get is pure profit.

There's nothing to stop you

Unlike other professions, there is nothing to stop you becoming a puppy trainer. You don’t need to join an association, pass exams or get a Master's degree. There are no barriers to entry.

But as a responsible person you'll surely want to know that you've been properly trained before starting out. And the qualification you receive from The Blackford Centre will give you – and your clients – the reassurance that you know what you're doing.

Why dog trainers will always be needed

Humans and dogs started working together 30,000 years ago, according to the journal Science.

And they've been friends for thousands of years. The Natufian Grave, dating from 12,000 BC in Ein Mallaha, Israel, has an old man buried with a puppy (which is a bit sad for the puppy).

The Quinze-Vingts (300) hospital in Paris was training guide dogs for the blind back in 1780.

As you can see, dog companionship – and therefore the need for puppy training - is here to stay. It isn’t one of those 'here today, gone tomorrow' professions. If anything, it's set to grow: society increasingly won’t tolerate dangerous or unruly dogs. All of this is good news for the dog training profession.

When you complete the course

Once you complete the course, you'll receive your Diploma, which is a recognition of your skills and knowledge.

We also send information about your success to your local newspapers (if you want). There's no charge. It's a good way of telling potential clients about your availability.

We'll also put your name on our list of Approved Dog Walkers . And you can get a free logo to put on your website and your letterhead.

It's time to get started

Having read this far, you've got what it takes - motivation. Fill out the enrolment form now, because this is where the adventure and rewards begin. It's easy to start:

Register online by clicking here. If you need help or information, write or phone the Blackford Centre.

We'll send you the full course materials within five days - anywhere in the world.

When you get the course, read the first module and watch the videos. Then do the first assignment. It asks you simply to describe your life, your interests and your aims. Email it to your tutor for assessment. Your tutor will return it to you with friendly advice and comments.

Do the same for the other modules, until you reach the end of the course. By then, you'll probably be earning good money as a dog trainer.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

With best wishes

Emily Richmond

PS Dog training isn't complicated. It just needs common sense, patience and a calm attitude. Plus a love of dogs! Is that you? If so, you should be a professional dog trainer. Your true vocation is calling you.

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