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It's a good course – not too complicated but detailed enough to be useful. I can do it on my laptop at home – it makes it easier to learn – it's not like being in a classroom.
Ann, Glenrothes
I was really worried about Mark because he didn't seem to be getting enough support from school, even though I was pushing them. But since I've started on the course, I'm more sure of my ground so I can talk to his class teacher better.
Maria, Cheam
As my two children are now in school I want to go back to work, and I'm interested in dyslexia because my son seems to be reluctant to read. The course is helping me personally and also will give me a qualification that will help me get a job in a school.
Jane, Streatham

Accredited Diploma in Dyslexia Course Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Dyslexia Course?

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Unlimited time to complete your course – because sometimes life gets in the way.   Many organisations require you to complete the course in a year.

60-day refund period. Take your time to reflect on whether you're happy with the course.   Some organisations only give you 7 days to return your course if you're not happy with it.

1:1 tutor support. All our tutors are practising teachers or teaching assistants, so you get real-world answers.   Some organisations get in-house people to mark the assignment using simple tick-boxes. So you never discover the real needs of SEN children or life as an SEN Assistant.

Assignments that help you succeed at interview. Our assignments will show you how to answer probing interview questions, and deal with the challenging job of being an SEN assistant   Some course providers only give you multiple-choice questions or single word quizzes that don't equip you for the kind of questions that interviewers ask.

Complete course. You get all the materials at one time, giving you an overview of the course.   Some courses send you only one lesson at a time. This saves them money if you don't complete the course.

Printed materials delivered to your door. We provide both printed and multi-media materials. Plus you have full access to an online edition. It’s easier to study that way.   Some courses are online-only. That's OK if you are happy to study online. But two-thirds of our learners prefer printed course materials.

Easy to grasp. We provide a carefully graduated learning experience.   Some companies make their first assignment hard, so many students give up straightaway.

Interesting course material. Our course is fun to do.   Others provide a dry, academic course that is boring to read and time consuming. It’s harder to do a course if the material is dull.

All inclusive package. There are no hidden fees. And delivery by courier is included in the price.   Some organisations charge you extra for tutoring or postage.

And finally, you get all the advantages of home study: no classroom attendance, learn from home, study at your own pace, no previous knowledge required.

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