Plumbing Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have plumbing skills?

You need only basic skills – ones that we will teach you.

Do I need plumbing qualifications or be approved?

No. Emergency plumbers don’t need to be approved to work.

Am I allowed to do this kind of work?

Yes. As long as you don’t connect new equipment to the drains, you can do this job.

Can I go on to take plumbing qualifications?

Yes. This could be a great starting point for your career. You’ll have money in your pocket to afford the fees, and the spare time to take the courses.

Do you do provide other plumbing qualifications?

No, there are other colleges that provide better training. But this course could be the right place for your to start.

Why would I learn from you rather than my local college?

We have great admiration for local colleges. But they won’t teach emergency plumbing, only regular plumbing.

They won’t teach the business side of things.

They’ll assume you are going to be apprenticed for a decade, doing low paid work. Like all the other trainees.

And you’ll have to go to classes at inconvenient times of the day. Most of our learners can’t spend the time away, or don’t want to.

Some people say they have done plumbing courses but can’t find work.

Absolutely. That’s because plumbing courses generally don’t teach marketing. They come out of plumbing college and look for someone to take them on as an employee. Plumbing skills alone isn’t sufficient. We teach you how to find and win work. The earnings go to those who know how to attract clients.

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