Plumbing Course

Diploma in Emergency Plumbing Course Contents

The fascinating topics you’ll cover on the course

We cover everything you need to know in nine modules.

Module 1 Introduction to Plumbing Why be an emergency plumber?

  • The job description of a plumber
  • The skill set of the average plumber
  • Attributes needed to excel in a career in plumbing
  • The phases of a plumbing task
  • General terms used in the plumbing profession

Module 2 Plumbing problems with taps and drain blockages

  • The four main types of taps – compression, ball, cartridge and disc
  • You will learn some of the possible causes of tap related problems
  • How to disassemble a tap and identify the problem
  • How to unblock a drain under a sink, shower or bath tub
  • How to use chemicals safely to unblock a drain

Module 3 Plumbing problems with toilets

  • The different types of toilets available and suitability for different spaces
  • The different flushing systems available for use
  • What is the trap-way and what does it do?
  • Diagram detailing the inner workings of a toilet
  • Identifying common toilet problems
  • How to repair a toilet

Module 4 Plumbing problems with pipes

  • The types of pipes used in plumbing and pipe measurements
  • The different types of pipe connectors available
  • How to fix a pin hole leak sing different methods
  • The importance of insulation and how to avoid frozen pipes
  • What do you do if a pipe is leaking

Module 5 Plumbing problems with radiators

  • Why do we need a heating system?
  • The most common radiator problems you may be asked to fix.
  • Detailed descriptions on how to identify and fix a leaking radiator
  • How to remove sludge from the radiator and the problems this causes
  • How to bleed a radiator
  • Problems with the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV)

Module 6 Plumbing problems with the heating system and water heaters

  • What is a central heating system?
  • How to use the thermostatic controls correctly
  • How to balance your heating system if the radiators are not working
  • The different types of water heaters and how they work
  • The difference between gas and electric heating systems
  • Problems associated with heaters and how you can solve them
  • How to identify a faulty pilot light
  • What to do if you have discoloured water or unpleasant smells

Module 7 Appliance troubleshooting washing machines and dishwashers

  • What is a plumbing appliance and what could go wrong
  • Washing machines
  • How do they work?
  • Inside a washing machine
  • Common problems that you may encounter
  • Dishwashers
  • How do they work?
  • Inside a dishwasher, what are the internal parts?
  • Common dishwasher problems and how to fix them

Module 8 Appliance troubleshooting boilers

  • What is a boiler and how does it affect our homes?
  • How does the heating system work?
  • The three main types of boilers available for domestic settings
    • Combi
    • Conventional
    • System
  • Common problems with boilers that you can fix:
    • How to fix a radiator that is not heating
    • What to do if you water tank is overflowing
    • How to defrost and frozen condensate pipe and ways to prevent this from happening again.

Module 9 Health and Safety for emergency plumbing

  • Identify and prepare for safe work practices and conditions that can make work areas dangerous.
  • We will learn about Personal Protective Equip¬ment (PPE) used on a job site.
  • Accidents that could occur in a plumbing situation and what you need to be aware of
  • Safety considerations you will need to think about
  • Basic tool safety
  • The types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you may need
  • Falls and how to prevent accidents
  • Health and safety advice

Module 10 How to Launch your Business

  • Marketing your service
  • How to find clients
  • Sources of work
  • Your website
  • Publicising your services
  • Promotional materials
  • Handling clients

Module 11 How to Manage your Money

  • Do you need to be registered?
  • Do you need a business plan?
  • Your vehicle
  • Business insurance
  • The ‘form’ of your business