Ethical Hacking

Become a Approved Ethical Hacker, and make the world a more secure place

  1. Do you find IT security interesting and challenging?
  2. Would you like to protect the world from cyber attacks?
  3. Are you looking for a chance to work in IT, or to just have better control over your schedule?

If so a lucrative and exciting career awaits you - in ethical hacking.

Ethical hackers are not just in demand, they're making great money. And many of them work from the comfort of their homes.

If you thrive on discovering weaknesses in computers connected to the internet, now is the time to turn your interest into a professional career. Why do a dull job when you can be a hero - by saving organisations from failure or media crises.

But how do you start protecting innocent people and businesses from cyber attacks? By registering on the Blackford Centre's Diploma in Ethical Hacking course. We give you everything you need to become a professional ethical hacker.

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You'll learn how to:

  • Set up your own lab to test for penetration
  • Carry out a reconnaissance of web sites
  • Scan a system for vulnerabilities
  • Retrieve information about different computers
  • Gain access to a network
  • Maintain access once you've infiltrated that system
  • Cover your tracks so no one will know you've been inside their network
  • Use sniffing tools to intercept data
  • Get free hacking tools
  • Write a report detailing your findings

You'll also:

  • Know the techniques that black hat hackers use, so you can forestall them.
  • Understand how to get a well-paid job. You'll see what a well constructed hacker's CV looks like, how to identify the right job openings, and how to perform well at interview.
  • Be able to seek work as a freelance penetration tester, if you want.
  • Have a recognised qualification on your CV.
  • Get an 'Approved Ethical Hacker' logo for your website and CV.

On the course you'll go through each stage of penetration testing, step by step. You'll discover exactly what to do.

By the end of the course you'll be able to hack any server or network as well as the most sophisticated of hackers. You'll be able to match them in methodology, skills and tools. You'll have acquired powerful knowledge that you must use wisely.

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Level 3 Diploma

abc logo At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement by ABC Awards and a Learner Unit Summary. Read more...

Why learn with the Blackford Centre?

The Blackford Centre is an independently accredited organization established in 1994. We've been helping people acquire skills for over 20 years. So you'll get knowledgeable, dependable support and great learning materials.

  • You can start the course whenever you want. Don’t wait for a class to come around.
  • You get to study at your own pace. Take as long as you want in order to really grasp the concepts laid out for you.
  • With 24 videos and 35,000 words of content, you have a huge amount of material at your fingertips.
  • You can study using our printed materials and our online portal. Both support each other. You can go over the printed steps as often as you want. Then sit back and watch videos online.
  • You get your own friendly, personal tutor who'll be a practising ethical hacker.
  • If ever you're stuck, you'll get fast telephone and email support.
  • At the end of the course you'll be able to use the initials Dip Eth. Hack. (BC) after your name.

What you'll need

Two computers attached to the internet. One will be your PC, while the other will be your target computer.

You'll need some basic understanding of operating systems such as Windows and Linux, MySql and using a command line.

We provide detailed links and videos wherever you might be unsure of something. And your tutor will be on hand to help you.

That's it. There's no software to buy, and no hardware (as long as you have two PCs).

The course requires very little technology. As you know, many bad guy hackers operate from their bedroom using quite unsophisticated equipment.

What jobs can I get?

Look at the excellent jobs (below) that companies are advertising right now. When you complete the course, you could walk into any one of them

Great jobs for ethical hackers
We show you how to get a great job as an ethical
hacker, or become self employed

Who needs an ethical hacker and why?

The news is filled with stories of high-profile breaches in the public and private sectors. Cyber attacks have hit even the biggest of organisations such as TalkTalk, Sony (at a cost of $100m) and the US Democratic Party. No organisation is immune, from the smallest to the giants.

The damage from cyber attacks is incalculable. Hackers delete corporate databases, steal customers' credit cards, and steal trade secrets.

This has increased the demand for ethical hackers. That demand is projected to grow to $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021. You can be part of that.

Cyber attacks continue to change, and so companies need to remain vigilant, hiring people who are up to date on the newest security measures and who can test for any existing problems.

"Global demand for cyber security experts is forecast to outstrip supply by a third before the end of the decade, with companies struggling against what one senior industry figure has called the 'largest human capital shortage in the world'". Source: Financial Times.


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6 things about hacking you didn't know

  1. The earliest hack was by maverick inventor Nevil Maskelyne back in 1903. He disrupted a public demonstration of Marconi's wireless telegraphy, sending insulting Morse code messages through the auditorium's projector.
  2. In 1942 Alan Turing saved thousands of lives and ended WW2 two years early by hacking the Nazis' messages to their submarines. Allied shipping were able to steer clear of the U-boats.
  3. A student disrupted the early internet in 1987 by drawing a Christmas tree as text graphics, and getting it to copy itself to all email addresses on the network. It caused massive disruption.
  4. In 1994 Russian crackers siphoned off $10 million from Citibank and transferred the money to bank accounts around the world.
  5. The first juvenile to go to jail for hacking was Jonathan James in 2000, age 16. One of the places he broke into was NASA's space station program – specifically the code that controlled temperature in the space station. He later killed himself with a shot gun to the head when depressed and anxious.
  6. In December 2015, Ukraine's power grid was attacked by hackers, making it the first known successful cyber attack on a power grid.

How you can make a difference

You'll make a major difference when you become an Approved Ethical Hacker. You'll help companies prevent losses or damages, keep customer credit cards safe, even prevent a nuclear meltdown.

The world is full of corrupt hacking attempts and foreign government-funded penetrations. And that means right now, the world needs someone to save them from these attacks. The world needs professional ethical hackers.

The importance of the ethical hacker

The term “hacking” covers a range of opportunities, attacks and careers. You can find out if a client's spouse is cheating on them, prevent patient health records from being stolen, and keep vital military secrets safe.

Your enemy is black hat hackers - criminals who do malicious things online. They identify and exploit flaws and security gaps in a company network or operating system to get control of the networks, steal data and destroy information. Once a black hat hacker has taken control of a network, it takes major effort to reverse the damage, if it can be done at all. When hackers broke in to Home Depot, the giant DIY chain, it cost the company $43 million in investigation, extra staffing, repairs and legal services. The company also faced 44 lawsuits from aggrieved payment card networks and others.

For that reason, white hat, or ethical hackers, are in high demand. Your role as an ethical hacker is to find the flaws in an existing network or computer system before black hat hackers get there. Once you find them, you can patch any vulnerabilities or alert the company administrator of the issue so that repairs can be made. Your job is to maintain security on all systems connected to the internet.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

When you complete an ethical hacking course you can start on your new career path right away. With certification, you have the chance to work with many top cyber security companies in the world.

  • You get to work with security platforms to protect all network functions against URL filtering, issues with the firewalls, or advanced threats.
  • You can ensure that functions like these built into an existing system are maintained well, and not vulnerable to any changes in cyber threats.
  • You can work to protect systems against malicious software too.

You'll have the chance to work as a contractor or consultant, making your own hours and completing work for which ever companies you choose. You'll protect the clients who need it most.

Conversely, you could work for a network security company and help all of their clients by testing existing or future security protocols and prevention techniques.

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Maybe you're already working in IT?

Maybe you're a network administrator? If so, you need to protect your system by learning the skills of the ethical hacker. Your new skills will help you protect your network and make you more valuable to your company.

And when you seek promotion or want to work for another business your CV will be stronger. You can point out the extra value to bring to a business. And that translates into a higher salary.

Every day new vulnerabilities are discovered

As software businesses launch new enhanced versions of their software, they also add unexpected weaknesses that hackers can exploit. Some lie latent for many years. Take 'zero day' vulnerabilities. These are vulnerabilities that have been discovered but for which solutions haven't been found. Exploiting them gives companies 'zero days' to mend the problem.

When a vulnerability has been found you need to move fast, and companies will pay more. You can help create a patch that prevents anyone else from gaining access.

You might find a problem and then sell the company the solution you have recommended. When you undertake the work, you not only earn a living but you give the company corporate intelligence they can use to help seal the cracks.

With ethical hackers like you, companies can also remain abreast of any changes or trends within the field of cyber security.

New attacks are devised every day. These attacks come from everywhere around the world, especially places like China, North Korea, and Russia. State-sponsored attacks, those which are funded and approved by these governments, are a never-ending threat. As a professional, it's your job to help companies protect their networks and systems against such an attack by keeping all systems up to date on patches and protection, and by providing companies with the latest strategies for network security.

In some cases, you might help companies with new code, making sure the site is as protected as possible, and therefore safe for people to use. As an ethical hacker, you can help companies develop and test new software, firmware and hardware. By testing whether you can penetrate the new products, you can confirm whether or not the products are effective.

How Much Money can a You Make as a Penetration Tester?

Penetration testers (the polite term for ethical hackers) make a median salary of $71,660 in the USA (£59,000). Experience in network security and penetration testing gets you preferential treatment when applying for jobs.

The average salary depends on location and organisation. Once you have ten years of experience, your average earnings go up to $110,000 (£90,000).

ITJobswatch found that the average UK salary is £48,250, a 27% increase on last year. And there is a shortage of cyber skills, says the National Sector Council, E-Skills. That means an opportunity for you.

Overall, this career path can give you the chance to protect people while making a higher annual salary than most other jobs. What’s more, your new career brings with it the freedom to be your own boss, to choose when and where you work, and to help those most in need.

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