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“Definitely enrol on this course - It is very informative, my tutor is very helpful and helps me to expand on my answers and it's enjoyable!”
Lauren, Berkshire, UK
Do it, it is worth every penny.
Lisa, Kent, UK
“I have already recommended the course to one of my friends and they are enrolling soon. I would say that it is great because you can do it in your own time and you can get help if needed.”
Julia, UK
It's good fun and gets you thinking about all the elements required for successful event planning. The material supplied is both informative and practical.
Amanda, Surrey, UK
“The assignments are challenging without being intimidating and feedback from the tutors is relevant and encouraging. I love it!”
Nichola, Manchester, UK

The 27 Event Planning Modules

Section 1: The Main Event

1. Welcome

  • The role of an event planner
  • The qualities of a good event planner
  • Unexpected circumstance or poorly planned?
  • Assignment

2. Organisation

  • The importance of organisation in event planning
  • The components of organisation
  • Organisation techniques
  • Tips for better organisation
  • Organisation deterrents
  • Assignment

3. Learning your clients' needs

  • Getting to know your client
  • Planning correctly for the right type of event
  • Who, what, when, where, and how?
  • Initial client contact form
  • Assignment

4. Selecting a location

  • Choosing a location
  • Steps to selecting the perfect location
  • Site inspection
  • Site inspection form
  • Securing the location
  • Assignment

5. Event catering

  • Event catering
  • Planning for a catered event
  • Catering tips
  • Prospective caterer interview
  • Assignment

6. Silver service

  • What is silver service?
  • The venue
  • Menus
  • Events where silver service is popular
  • Other things to consider

7. Equipment hire

  • Types of equipment
  • Ideas for equipment
  • Advice on hiring equipment

8. Event decorations

  • The importance of decorations
  • Decorating plans
  • Hiring a decorator
  • Party themes
  • Setting up a balloon decoration business
  • Assignment

9. Entertainment and speakers

  • The purpose of entertainment and speakers
  • Endless entertainment choices
  • Entertainment planning
  • Speaker selection process
  • Assignment

10. Corporate event planning

  • Planning and organizing
  • Creating an event program
  • Creating an event schedule
  • Assignment

11. Corporate event management

  • Inviting delegates
  • Managing the corporate event
  • Monitoring social activities
  • Sending everyone home

12. Party planning

  • Developing a party diary
  • Creating the perfect party
  • Party planning timeline and ‘to do’ list
  • Hosting a children’s party
  • Assignment

13. Planning a dream wedding - Part one

  • The role of the wedding planner
  • The planning process
  • Wedding budgeting
  • The wedding timeline

14. Planning a dream wedding - Part two

  • Guest list and invitations
  • Photos and videos
  • The wedding cake
  • Wedding flowers
  • Ceremony music
  • The final phase wedding timeline
  • Assignment

15. Wedding customs around the world

  • Types of UK ceremony
  • Asian/Middle Eastern cultures
  • Eastern European cultures
  • African cultures
  • Latin and South American cultures
  • Westernised cultures

16. Health, safety and environmental issues

  • Do your homework
  • Risk assessment
  • Evacuation plan
  • Disability accommodations
  • First aid
  • Staff preparation and provisions
  • Safety officer
  • Alcohol at events
  • Insurance
  • Environmental issues

17. Writing event proposals

  • The importance of networking
  • Outlining an event proposal
  • Event proposal format
  • Sample event proposal
  • Assignment

18. Marketing your event planning business

  • Marketing your event planning business
  • The importance of a phone number
  • Printed materials
  • Print ads
  • Create a website
  • Networking
  • Assignment

19. Finance

  • Setting up your business on a small budget
  • Types of business
  • How to write a business plan
  • Pricing your services
  • Business operations and accounting

20. Writing event contracts

  • Event contract basics
  • Contract components
  • Important legal terms

Section 2: Additional Events

Learn about organising corporate events with the Diploma in Event Planning
You'll learn about organising corporate events like conferences.

21. Anniversaries

  • Milestone anniversaries
  • Selecting a theme
  • Catering and entertainment
  • Interviewing the client

22. Reunions

  • Forming committees
  • Finding former classmates/family members
  • Location
  • Games

23. Engagement parties

  • Traditions
    Types of engagement party

24. Hen and stag parties

  • Activities
  • Locations
  • Organisation

25. Baptisms

  • Venue
  • Decorations
  • Baptism parties
  • Entertainment
  • Photography and videotaping
  • Cleaning
  • Other arrangements

26. Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah

  • Understanding Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah
  • Invitations
  • The facility
  • Activities

27. Funerals

  • Modern funerals and memorials
  • Planning the funeral event
  • After the funeral event
  • Funeral cost worksheet
  • Glossary of terms

Course conclusion

  • Learn What to do, once you've completed the course.

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