Gardening Course

How to earn a living in Horticulture

This booklet is a complete guide to earning a living in horticulture.

Whether you want to work in a nursery, or set up your own contracting business, this booklet has all the information you need.

It comes free with the Diploma in Horticulture course. And it's your to keep, even if you decide to return the course.


Questions to ask yourself
What jobs are available?
Become a Garden Designer
Become a Nursery Worker or Garden Centre Worker
Setting up your own nursery
Your own garden centre
Selling herbs
Setting up your own retail or wholesale business
Become a self-employed professional gardener
How to specialise within contracting
Making enough money
Bidding for work
How to work out your costs
Talking about the cost of materials
Promoting your contracting business
Miscellaneous work
Sole trader, partnership, or limited company?
Which type of business to choose?
Registering the name
Keeping track
Your financial records (keeping the books)
A book keeper
Setting up a bank account
Your business plan
Health and safety
Employment legislation
Contracts – staff and clients
For further information