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What our learners say

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“It is the most reputable and professional home learning course I could find online and the tutors are very attentive.”
Thomas, Reading, United Kingdom
My tutor has been very supportive and responds very quickly to my submitted work with positive, constructive criticism.
Antony, Devon, United Kingdom
“It is perfect that there is no time limit, you can study at your own pace.”
Disa, Sweden
I love the flexibility of being able to complete my course work at my own pace.
Kyle, United States

Accredited Diploma in Gardening Course

Why Choose Our Gardening Course?

Why Choose Us?


Other Organisations

Accredited by ABC as equivalent to Level 4 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).   Some courses are not properly accredited. Others offer a Level 2 or 3.

Unlimited time to complete your course – because sometimes life gets in the way.   Many organisations require you to complete the course in a year.

60-day refund period. Take your time to reflect on whether you're happy with the course.   Some organisations only give you 7 days to return your course if you're not happy with it.

Additional end-of-course refund. If you don’t earn at least the cost of the course within 90 days of completing it, after doing some marketing, we’ll refund your course fees. Conditions apply   As far as we know, no one else offers this.

1:1 tutor support. All our tutors are practising gardeners, so you get real-world answers.   Some organisations get in-house people to mark the assignment using simple tick-boxes. So you never discover the deep-down insiders' information.

Printed materials delivered to your door. We provide both printed and multi-media materials. Plus you have full access to an online edition. It’s easier to study that way.   Some courses are online-only. That's OK if you are happy to study online. But two-thirds of our learners prefer printed course materials.

Easy to grasp. We provide a carefully graduated learning experience.   Some companies make their first assignment hard, so many students give up straightaway.

Interesting course material. Our course is fun to do.   Others provide a dry, academic course that is boring to read and time consuming. It’s harder to do a course if the material is dull.

NUS Extra Card. Get an NUS Extra card which gives you discounts at shops, cinemas and other places (£10 fee).   Many home-study organisations don't provide an NUS Extra Card.

All inclusive package. There are no hidden fees). And delivery by courier is included in the price.   Check that other organisations won't charge you extra for tutoring or other costs.

Includes detailed information on how to run a gardening business.   Many organisations don't think about including this very important information.

You can contact other learners, so you can learn from them and share experiences.   Some organisations have no system for letting you make contact, so you're isolated.

You get a free business mentor for 90 days after completing the course. Your mentor will help you to set up your business.   As far as we know, no one else offer this.

Guaranteed pass. You can re-submit any assignment you fail until you get a pass mark. This guarantees you'll end up with a Diploma qualification. We will keep training you until you pass.
  Other colleges don't provide this guarantee.

And finally, you get all the advantages of home study: no classroom attendance, learn from home, study at your own pace, no previous knowledge required.