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“The support and regular encouragement is there whether by email from the Blackford Centre or from the tutor.”
Richard, Devon, UK
Do it! The materials and the support are very good.
Lynn, UK
“If you enjoy your garden and its design, go for it!”
Deborah, Ely, United Kingdom
“It is a great program for the money and you can work at your own pace.
Brandon, Massachusetts, USA
“I have been very impressed with both the quality of the course and the helpfulness of all of the staff I have had contact with.”
Maggie, Norwich, UK
“The course is well done and I learnt a lot of things about garden design, with the help of my tutor and all the staff, which encourage me to reach my goals. Course is hard but exciting. During this year I receive many commissions, and I am happy to have started a new job. Visit for some examples.”
Fransesco Bellini

Accredited Diploma in Garden Design Course

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Online Edition

You access this course online. There are no printed materials, so you save money.

UK £690 now £575
Europe 828 now €690
USA & Canada $972 now $810
Rest of the World $990 now $825

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Online Edition
and Printed Materials

You'll receive a large box via Fedex. This contains all your course materials in a printed and bound format. You also get access to the online edition.

UK £810 now £675
Europe 948 now €790
USA & Canada $1116 now $930
Rest of the World $1140 now $950

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