Gender Studies Course

What you’ll learn

1. Introduction to Gender Studies

Different types of feminism
The Suffragettes
First, second, third wave feminists
Your outlook on feminism
Famous feminists: Mary Woolstencraft
Tutor marked assignment

2. Women and the Changing Nature of the Family

The choices women make: career woman or child carer?
Are women poorer than men?
How ambitious are you?
Your role at work
Famous feminists: Emmeline Pankhurst
Tutor marked assignment

3. The Media, Popular Culture and Pornography

How are men and women portrayed in the media?
Has the image of women been created by the media?
Women on film
Famous feminists: Germaine Greer

4. Misogyny and Violence against women

Misogyny and violence against women
Misogyny: what causes it?
Domestic abuse: intimate partner violence
Famous feminists: Naomi Wolf
Self-assessed assignment

5. Women in politics

Why are women under-represented in politics?
Is politics a man’s world?
Famous feminists: Simone De Beauvoir
Self-assessed assignment

6. Globalisation and women

Women in the ‘Third World’
Forced marriage
Mail-order brides
The debates on trafficking and prostitution/sex work and migration
Famous Feminists: Marie Stopes
Self-assessed assignment

7. Appearance and the female body

How fashion creates an identity for women
What does it mean to be a woman?
Gender versus sex
Female stereotypes
Famous Feminist: Gloria Steinem
Tutor marked assignment

8. Medicine and health

Female genital mutilation
Contraceptives and emergency contraception
Famous feminists: Caitlin Moran
Tutor marked assignment

9. Women and Religion

Women in creation myths
Women’s place – St Paul
Women’s place – Sacred spaces
Hijab and modesty
Hijab – Who is being protected?
Gender: Is God male?
Do religions fear women?
Famous feminist: Susan Jeffers
Self-assessed assignment

10. 21st Century feminism

Rise of the girl
Men in the 21st century
Famous Feminists: Jessica Valenti
Self-assessed assignment