NAME Course

Self Confidence course

Imagine entering a room, and greeting people confidently.

Imagine standing up to those you find difficult, whether parents, siblings or a boss.

1. How to Become and Stay Self Confident

What is self-confidence?
What causes low self-esteem?
Self image
Seeking the approval of others
Exercises in understanding issues around self confidence
Making judgements
Dealing with past hurts
Leaving the past in the past
Going forward

2. You, Your Body and Your Mind

Your body and how you see it
Self-loathing: a common occurrence
How to silence your inner critic
Accepting your strengths and weaknesses
How to build self respect
Introverts and extroverts
Emotional intelligence: how to understand what others are doing and thinking

3. How to Fake it and Make it

Neuro linguistic programming
Re-framing: turning negative thoughts into positive ones
How to become more popular
Thinking and behaving like a confident person even if you aren’t

4. A Healthy You

The role of physical fitness
Exercise for calmness
Physical and breathing exercises

5. Onwards and Upwards

Self audit – build on your strengths
How does SWOT work?
Finding a role and purpose in life
Risk: moving outside your comfort zone

6. How to Communicate with Others

The initial impression you make on others
Expressing your thoughts and opinions clearly
How to develop effective listening skills
Finding the midpoint between submission and aggression
Understanding body language
How to handle compliments and criticism
Dealing with rejection
Developing a genuine interest in others

7. Self Confidence at Work

The fundamentals of self confidence
The importance of the workplace
Making an impact at meetings
Getting promotion or a pay rise
Changing your job
Setting further work-related goals

8. The New You

Moving beyond: an introduction to the new you
What causes low self confidence
You, your body and your mind
How to fake it and make it
The healthy you
Onwards and upwards
How to communicate with others
The new you: plans for the future

9. Training Others in Self Confidence

Forming a bond whilst remaining impartial
Knowing your client
Useful techniques and resources
Improving social confidence
Improving confidence in the work place
Life lessons for continued confidence
How to train clients

10. How to Find Clients

Sources of work
The internet
Leaflet drop
How to organise a seminar that wins you clients
Using PR to get business
Making your website work
Gaining referrals
Advertising. The media. Writing an ad.

11. Managing your Finances

Setting up your business on a small budget
Putting together a business plan
How to keep financial records in four easy steps
Paying tax
Indemnity insurance