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Become a Professional Therapist
A tranquil swan. You could develop these healing properties.Wouldn’t you love to spend your time helping people get better? The growing interest in natural methods of healing means there’s a big demand for counsellors. And this course is designed to help you become a practitioner.

You'll become a valued and useful member of your community, bringing your skills to benefit the people around you.

How busy do you want to be?
As a therapist, you can work from home, either full or part time. You can fit the work around your other commitments, and decide how much work to take on. Natural healing can be your main work, or it can provide a second income. There are very few costs, and so virtually every penny you earn is profit.

Getting your first client is a real thrill, which is surpassed only by the pleasure of receiving a cheque. Imagine getting paid for doing what you enjoy.

About the course
The Institute’s course show you how to become a professional therapist. It gives you the right information when you need it, and it unfolds the detail in a way that’s easy to grasp. The course contains everything you need to set up your practice.

The course is a complete learning package, with its own Practitioner’s Manual. It's crammed full of tips and exercises. Everything is beautifully packaged to provide you with your own permanent reference library which you can consult long after completing the courses.

Constructed by experts in therapy, the course distills years of experience. By taking it, your success is assured.

Personal to you
To help you fully understand the course material, we set assignments which are marked by one of our experienced tutors. It means your work is checked in a friendly atmosphere before you are exposed to the outside world.

You’ll have unlimited access to your tutor, who will give you free advice and suggestions on anything to do with natural healing, including your own clients. Plus, you can take as long as you want to complete the course.

Each course is based on the real world. By the end of it, you'll have met all the main problems that counsellor encounters. So you won't face any surprises when you meet your first client.

Exclusive information
The courses give you an invaluable insight into the natural healing world. You can't find these trade secrets disclosed anywhere else. The course is distilled from actual experience, to give you the answers to questions like:

* What techniques do practitioners use?

* What paperwork do I need?

* Where do I find clients?

* How much do I charge?

* What sort of people seek therapy?

How long does the course take?
You can complete the course in around six to nine months, depending on your other commitments. Some students do it faster, while others take longer. That's one advantage of distance learning. You can learn at your own speed, not at your teacher's.

And there's no time limit on the course. So if you need to be away for six months, you can do so.

International in scope
We have students from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, France and Portugal.

And thanks to email, your assignments can be marked and returned to you as fast as if you were next door.

We're accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC).

Set up by the government in 1968, the ODLQC is the prime accreditation body for distance learning courses.

To achieve accreditation, we undergo a regular and rigorous assessment by independent experts. The assessment covers all aspects of our work, including administration, learner support, educational materials, and publicity. In order to keep our registration, we have to maintain high standards, which means you get a better course.

If you're unhappy with any aspect of the course, you can complain to the ODLQC. And you can bet we don't want complaints!

When you complete the course
Once you complete the course, you’ll receive your Diploma, which is a recognition of your skills and knowledge.

If you want we also send information about your success to your local newspapers, free of charge. It’s a good way of telling potential clients that you’re available.

About the Institute

The Institute’s tutors are full-time therapists, who bring their on-the-job experience to the courses. You'll get advice directly from active practitioners - not armchair theorists.

The Institute is wholly financed by its members, from its courses and subscriptions, from lectures and published material. It serves to bring together all kinds of natural healers, both novices and long-standing experts.

When you complete the course, you'll get a handsome Diploma to frame and display on your wall. You also get the right to use a set of initials after your name (see each course for details).

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