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What our learners say

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I would encourage anyone who was interested in the course to go ahead and enrol as the course is very interesting and fun to do.
Marie, Ireland
“Do not delay it is a fantastic course, well explained and the material is good.”
Paul, UK
“This course is very well thought out both in terms of content and delivery and above all it's very reasonably priced. My Tutor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with solving my queries.”
Abdul, Birmingham, UK
I have recommended the course to a few people so far and will continue doing this.”
Sou Chee, Hawaii, United States
“My tutor is lovely, gives kind and encouraging support.”
Karen, Cornwall , UK

Learners' remedies

Eric Omotoso

“Please find enclosed photos of two (2) bottles of herbs I prepared for a family member.

Ailments being experienced by my Aunt includes inflammation in the joints so I used agrimony and Turmeric. With a view to boost her circulation I used Butcher’s Broom Root. She complained of difficulty sleeping so I used Chamomile.

Elecampane Root was used to improve lung health. Other areas of the body was targeted to include the main organs.”

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