Course Modules


  • The future. Who’s buying copy, and who’s hiring staff? What’s the future of freelancing? Globalisation, the developing world, terrorism.

Scoop! Undertaking investigative journalism.

  • Contacts and snouts. Writing news and news features. Key issues in investigative journalism. Crime. Politics. Environmentalism.

Writing Feature Articles.

  • Getting the angle. Topics that sell, and those that don’t. Who is hiring and buying?

Local issues: citizen journalism.

  • Fire and flood, How to break local stories. The angle. Finding sources. Getting their first. Being in the know. Jobs in local media.

Broadcast journalism.

  • Getting a job in newspapers and magazines, TV or radio.

Sports journalism.

  • How to get a job in sports journalism.

Internet Journalism.

  • Online Journalism. Reporting that is produced and distributed via the internet.

Women’s journalism.

  • Food, fashion and features. Getting a job in women’s magazines.

Earning a living as a freelance journalist.

  • Where to submit your work. Keeping records. How to sell your work. Fees and expenses.

How to interview.

  • How to get the answers you want. Finding people. Getting their agreement. Recording methods. Transcription. Shorthand.

How to write: Content, style, writers block, working to a schedule.

  • Techniques. Angles. Perspectives. Understanding the needs of the reader. Openers. Writing to a fixed length. How to close. Links and contacts.

Legal aspects of Journalism

  • How the Law affects your work. Data Protection. Freedom of information. Reporting on Race or religion.