Learn Yoga

Would you like to be lean, fit, strong and supple?

If so you may have considered doing yoga. You've probably heard your friends talking about it.

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  • But you may not have time for classes.
  • And you may be reluctant to go into a public class in case everyone will be thin, gorgeous and a yoga expert!

If that's the case, you should try the Easy Yoga Course.

It's designed for beginners. Through high quality videos, text and graphics we teach you how to adopt poses and exercises that will strengthen your muscles, get you fit, and help you lose weight.

Watch the moves in the comfort of your own living room, and then practise them - as often as you want.

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But is it for me?

You might think you can’t do yoga because you're not skinny, fit or flexible enough. You might say you don't have no stamina, or don’t want to do anything ‘weird’.

You might be worried that yoga will take hours a day and months of your life to see any improvement in their health.

I like that it tells you what the moves are good for. Like, 'It stretches your torso', or 'It's good for flexibility'. So if you are looking to improve, you can go back to that pose in particular.

- Claudia

The truth is that yoga is for everyone, no matter what your age or fitness level or weight. It is ideal for young and old alike. Even some toddlers do yoga!

And many older people get a whole new lease on life doing yoga because it improves their range of motion, improves balance and relieves stiffness. The long lean muscle built through yoga can protect bones and ageing joint to keep retired people mobile and injury-free.

Yoga builds stamina, reduces toxins in the body, and gives you energy and the kind of glow you may have noticed in everyone carrying a yoga mat.

You can print out that little image [of each day's sequence], and you can repeat all those moves.

- Sam

Best of all, you don't need to spend hours on end for years to develop a stronger mind, body and spirit. A yoga practice you do at home for 15 minutes a day can be enough to set you on the road to better health.

"People who do yoga are 20% more likely to have a positive image of their own physical and mental health, including a stronger sense of mental clarity, physical fitness, flexibility, and strength." – National Health Survey, quoted by the Harvard Medical School.

I like the friendly way that this is worded in. It seems conversational, seems really inviting , like you're having a chat with a friend. And the cat is adorable!

- Agnieszka

Not convinced?

A National Health Interview Survey uncovered the single reason people don’t try yoga. Many people see yoga as exclusive. They think it's primarily for young women or for those who are already flexible, athletic, or spiritual. We get that.

And if that's you, the Easy Yoga Course is ideal. By doing the course you can find out if you like yoga, without having to worry that you're not the 'right kind of person' for yoga.

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I like the pictures. It's useful to know exactly what to do.

- Sophia

So many reasons to start the course

  • You can start learning today. No delay.
  • Learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.
  • Watch the 25 professional-quality videos, then copy the moves.
  • Read the accompanying text to help you move correctly.
  • Helps you get fit, lose weight and be calm.
  • Replay the videos whenever you want. Yours to keep forever.
  • See it on any laptop, tablet or phone. Works on all devices. Suitable for Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android.
  • Structured 21-day course with carefully graduated sequences.
  • Spend as little as 5 minutes a day and get fit.
  • It's like having one-to-one sessions with a friendly expert.
  • Fit the class around your own commitments.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Save money on class fees.
  • Downloadable PDF summaries of each day's moves.
  • Printable yoga journal for recording your poses, feelings and successes.
  • No advanced or dangerous poses. We only include those that are safe to practise at home.
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Build your strength over time.
  • No 'weird' yoga jargon or extreme moves.
  • Produced by the Blackford Centre, an accredited training organisation that has a 21 year track record.
  • Prepares you for yoga classes, so you won’t feel like a complete beginner.

The instructions are easy to follow. She seems like a really friendly instructor.

- Matt

19 benefits of yoga

By practising yoga, you will:

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  1. Become calm
  2. Create a positive mood and a sense of well-being
  3. Gain flexibility
  4. Increase muscle strength
  5. Perfect your posture
  6. Increase blood flow
  7. Drain your lymph and improve your immune system
  8. Strengthen your heart
  9. Reduce blood pressure
  10. Make you happier
  11. Help you focus
  12. Feel more relaxed
  13. Improve your balance
  14. Release tension
  15. Improve your sleep
  16. Prevent digestive problems
  17. Gain peace of mind
  18. Stay sharp. Reduce age-related cognitive decline or dementia
  19. Reduce back pain

This course saves you money

Go to a yoga class with 30 other people, and you'll pay £10 for an hour. Often you'll have to book a set of 5 or 10 classes for £50 or £100. Ask for a private lesson and you'll pay £45 - £60. And these are for just one hour.

But for the Easy Yoga Course you'll get permanent access to the course, and watch all the videos whenever you want. At a price that's less than one private lesson.

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I like that the videos are quite short. And the girl that's teaching is really friendly. She teaches in an easy to follow way.

- Clara

And if you like it – and we think you will – you can continue using the course, go to a public class (where you'll be an advanced expert!) – or get one-to-one lessons. The choice is yours.