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UK £500 US US$805
Europe €509 Rest of the World US$837

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Extra value, money-saving edition

Want a lower price version? Get the online edition for only £ 597 , a saving of £100. With this edition, you don't get:

  • The printed modules (but you can read them online)
  • The course text book (but you can do the course without it because it's an aid not a prerequisite)
  • Course materials' case
  • Any other printed material

In short, you get everything you need, including your assignments, access to your tutor, and the Diploma. But you have to do all your studying from our online edition, which you can download. To get our extra-value edition, click here.

Pay over five months

You can pay by five monthly payments, which cost 20% extra. The fees are £835. If you'd like to pay this way, click here.

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