Life Coach Profile for Joy McKnight

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First Name: Joy
Last Name: McKnight
Town/City: Ayr
Country: 222
Description: As of 2017, I have qualified as a Life Coach where I received a Diploma with Distinction. I have a wide range of experience in Business, including my studies and working in sales for a big company. Helping people is my passion and priority. "Hope is a wakening dream." I always refer back to this when helping people as hope is the first step to succeeding. Whether you have a major problem in your life, or whether you just aren't fully satisfied with your life - life coaching is for you. I am here to help anyone, with any problem. I am a patient, relaxed and motivational person. Whilst having a professional relationship, I feel that building a friendship is key to succeeding in our coaching sessions. I have developed a wide range of listening skills through different life experiences and it is through this key listening that will allow me to help you. Life is precious, therefore it is important for us to live life to the fullest.

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