5 Steps to Choosing the Right Professional

Before hiring a professional, make sure you're satisfied that they’re the right person. Here are five steps to choosing the best professional.

1. Get the scope of the work clear in your own mind before approaching a professional. What exactly wants doing? Will you do any of the work yourself? Write down what you want doing.

2. Contact several professionals, and compare their proposals. Do they seem to understand your needs? Will you get on with them? Do they seem to have enough time to do your work?

3. Ask them relevant questions, such as:

- Can you show me examples of similar work you’ve done?

- Can you give me references?

- Will you send me a costed proposal for the work?

- What guarantees can you give me about your work?

4. Once you've chosen a professional, give them a written brief. This should set out what work you want doing, what the milestones and deadlines are, and what the agreed cost is.

5. Monitor your chosen professional. Contact them regularly to make sure the work is getting done.