Writing for the Web Courses

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Certificate in Online Writing - Course Syllabus


  • What is a professional online writer?
  • What does a professional online writer do?
  • How do online writers do their jobs?
  • Understanding what the client wants
  • How do you position yourself as a professional writer?
  • Instant copywriting techniques
  • Fighting writer's block
  • Important copyright considerations

Dealing with online clients

  • Who commissions online work?
  • Four different types of clients
  • Which type of client should you target?
  • How to get beneath the client’s skin

How to write articles the professional way

  • The component parts of professional writing
  • Write on any subject under the sun
  • Communicate with your clients regularly
  • Editing: nothing is sacred
  • Deadlines
  • An introduction to search engine optimisation (seo)

Website copy – engaging your readers

  • Characteristics of poor website copy:
  • Part 1 – structure
  • Characteristics of good website copy:
  • Part 2: substance

Writing ebooks and printed books

  • What you might write about
  • How to get writing assignments
  • Writing ebooks, printed books, etc., for yourself

How to write professional reports

  • The structure and style of your report
  • An authoritative voice
  • Making it readable
  • Research
  • Collaboration

Training material – meeting the real needs of learners.

  • Types of learners
  • General guidelines for writers of training materials
  • Specific tips for writing training materials

Copywriting – learning to turn out persuasive marketing copy

  • What exactly is copywriting, anyway?
  • Why writing for the web is different
  • What your clients are looking for in a copywriter
  • The basics of effective copywriting
  • Advanced copywriting techniques

Ghost writing

  • Types of ghost writing
  • Using somebody else’s voice
  • The hidden agenda
  • Research
  • Getting work as a ghostwriter

Academic writing

  • What is academic writing?
  • Common types of academic writing
  • Citing your sources

Technical writing: step by step

  • Do you need specialised knowledge?
  • Types of technical writing
  • Explaining complex technology
  • Subtle marketing
  • Research

Other types of online writing

  • Making money via other types of online writing
  • 6 types of online projects to consider
  • How to get ready for online projects

How to ensure your work gets accepted

  • Introduction
  • Preparing your work for review by your client
  • Proofreading tips

How to research information

  • Beware these common research traps
  • Layman’s terms are important
  • Overview of expert interviewing techniques
  • Interviewing for a press release
  • Interviewing for a human interest piece
  • Interviewing for a ghost written book

Working with other writers

  • Finding writers
  • Advertising
  • Testing applicants
  • Writer’s agreement
  • Relationship management
  • The project brief
  • Taxes and payments
  • Deadlines
  • The benefits of trickle-feeding
  • Feedback
  • Order flow
  • Quality assurance – proofreading and plagiarism

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