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I have already recommended this course to a friend.
Derek from Durham, UK
“I highly recommend it.”
Steven, UK
“If you are thinking about it just do it. I wish I had done this course when I first thought about personal training which was five years ago.”
Stephen from Suffolk, UK
I have already recommended it to other people.
Christine from Leicester, UK
It's a good course.
Sam from Suffolk, UK

Accredited Diploma in Personal Training

Here's why you should take a personal trainer course!

Did you know that only 2% of health club members actually use the gym?

Why? Well, people are desperate to get fit. But they lack the motivation - and the staying power.

That's why the demand for personal trainers outstrips the number of trainers. Clients know that a personal trainer will keep them at it.

For you that's an amazing opportunity. Put your fitness skills to work - and become a personal trainer.

You love fitness. And people need your help in getting fit.

So what are you waiting for? Why not learn how to set up your own personal training business?

QLS Level 4 Diploma

abc logo At the end of this course successful learners receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Learner Unit Summary. Read more

Wouldn't you love to be a fitness instructor? And are you wondering how you'll achieve that?

Well here's how you can achieve your goal - by registering on our home-study course.

Because it's home-study, you can study the personal trainer course where and when you want. That means it's really convenient.

And when people ask what you do for a living, watch their envy when you tell them you're a personal fitness trainer - and your own boss. They'll admire your trim body - helped by the hours of training you put other people through.

With the millions of fat and obese people out there, society needs more fitness trainers.  And that's your destiny in life - to make people fitter and healthier.

In the past, only athletes, celebrities and the rich hired a personal fitness trainer. But all that has changed. As people get more affluent, and more aware of their body, more people are deciding to hire a fitness trainer.

  • You'll learn how to set up your own business - Once you've completed the personal trainer course, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to find clients. You'll be earning a living as a fitness instructor.

  • The course is low cost! - Some courses cost thousands of pounds or dollars. But we want everyone to have access to the course. Plus, being distance learning, we have low overheads, because we don't have to keep expensive classrooms or gyms.

  • You'll have your own personal tutor - We'll assign you your own tutor. He or she will be an experienced personal trainer - someone who runs their own business - they are doing what you aspire to do. Who could be a better guide and mentor for you than someone who is doing the job every day? You'll send your tutor your assignments, and they'll be there to answer your questions and solve your problems.

  • You can phone a course advisor at any time - If you're stuck or unsure, just pick up a phone during work hours and speak to a course advisor. They're used to dealing with students' queries, so they'll quickly solve your problem. You' re never alone on this course!

  • You'll help your clients meet their fitness goals

    You'll be able to network with other students - When you register on the course, you'll be able to locate other students on the course, and make contact with them. you can share experiences and talk things over with them. That makes the course much more enriching and fun.

  • When you complete the course, you'll get a huge bundle of benefits - They include:

    - A Diploma

    - A press release sent to your local newspapers (it could jump-start your business)

    - Add yourself to our online list of Personal Trainers

Watch the video above to learn more about becoming a personal trainer.

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Free bonuses

If you enrol on the course today, you’ll also get these great bonuses, absolutely free:

Bonus 1. Fully-customisable Marketing and Stationery Kit (value £275).

Marketing and Stationery Kit

This ten-piece kit gives you ready-made advertisements, posters, leaflets and even your business stationery. Just add your own contact details, and print them. Click here for details of the kit.

Bonus 2. You get the files for a free personal trainer's website (value £385)

You’ll receive a free website for your personal training business. The site comes in a range of five colours, complete with sample text. It will save you a lot of money, weeks of delay and the trial and error that comes with designing a website. For more information, click here to see the free personal trainer’s website.

Bonus 3. Free mentoring when you complete the course (value £365)

Once you complete the course, we’ll give you three months’ free business mentoring.

You’ll have a personal mentor who'll help you set up your own business (if that's your choice).

For three months after getting your Diploma you'll get one-to-one advice and support from an active practitioner.

So if you're unsure on how to launch your own business, this mentoring programme will put you on the road to success.

And because it's all part of the Blackford Centre's course, it won't cost you a penny.

Bonus 4. You get a free copy of Business Blueprints (value £17)

This 47 page book contains complete step-by-step checklists for starting a successful business.

Click here to learn more about Business Blueprints.

Register on the personal trainer course

Many would-be trainers can't attend classroom courses because they have to earn a living. And many can't afford the steep prices charged by many private training organisations. That's why this distance learning course is such a great solution.

And many courses lack the kind of personal support that we provide. That's vital because we know from experience every student has different needs.

Your course pack is bursting with helpful items. You'll get the course modules, the assignments, self-assessment exercises, and helpful forms and checklists that you'll need for your clients.

A course is ready for despatch
Another course is ready for despatch

Money Back Guarantee

Our double money-back guarantees

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee in case you decide that the course isn't right for you If you're dissatisfied with the course - for any reason - just let us know within 60 days of receiving the course. And we'll refund the money straight back into your bank account. Conditions apply

If, 90 days after completing the course, you haven't earned at least the cost of the course as a fitness trainer, we'll refund your money. Conditions apply

Do you know why most people are unsuccessful? They suffer from 'hesitation'. They never quite get around to changing their life. Because they're nervous, anxious, or unsure. So ask yourself, what have I got to lose - not much given our two-fold guarantee. And what have you got to gain - a whole new life.

So don't be like most people - they click away to another page, saying 'I must get round to that one day'. Wrong! Today is the day when you must register on this course.

Did you know that over the last six years Britain's gyms have seen a 58 per cent increase in membership. But there is a huge drop-out rate. Gyms make their money from non-attenders. That means there are millions of people seeking to get fit - but failing. That's a huge opportunity for you.

With best wishes

Kit Sadgrove

Kit Sadgrove
Chief Executive

PS - I'll tell you a secret. As you'd expect, we spend a lot of time on the course showing you the right schedule of exercises etc. And although all these things are useful, the main thing that people learn on the course is how to find clients! That's what allows our students to set up their practice - knowing what steps to take. And it's those secrets that we unlock in the course.

PPS -Still a little unsure? Click here if you have any doubts.

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