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Welcome to our Tutors

Our tutors are a talented and friendly bunch of people who enjoy helping our learners develop their skills.

Rick Siggins

Rick has worked in the fitness industry for over 16 years, covering areas such as nutritional consultancy, personal fitness training, health and safety and gymnasium management. His experience is vast and varied.

He is self-employed and runs a successful fitness, health and safety business in the east of England. He also works as a lecturer and assessor for various work-based fitness qualifications including Level 2 and Level 3 NVQs.

Ben Carpenter

Ben has been qualified as a personal trainer since 2006. He loves working within fitness and has completed many professional courses.

He enjoys the feeling of being healthy and energetic, which makes it easy to maintain a lean physique. Since working in the fitness industry he finds it hard to imagine himself doing anything else.

Kali Harmen

Kali is self employed as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist and has a private gym based in Southampton.

It wasn’t until her 30s that Kali realised what she wanted to do with her life. Having developed a passion for weight training and improving her diet (which changed her life immensely from the self confessed unhealthy smoker that she once was) Kali realised she wanted to pay this gift forward.

Kali learnt how to help others engage their mind and bodies to become healthier, fitter and feel better than ever. Kali also studies for additional qualifications such as exercise referrals, training older populations, functional fitness and postural correction. Kali then went on to study for a degree in Nutritional Science and then diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Most of my Kali’s clients want to lose weight, which is why they initially go to see her. Kali finds that helping them to move better and supporting them through the process with care and understanding is what’s needed.

Please note: we’re unable to allocate you a specific tutor, because it depends on the availability of tutors on the date you register on the course.