Photography Course

Hands-on Photography Experience Days

Our hands-on Experience Days take place throughout the year at different locations in the UK.

Each is run by one of our experienced tutors, who are used to explaining things in a clear and simple way. They’ll put you at your ease and give you a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

Our learners greatly improve their shots on these Experience Days. They’re great value for money, so we highly recommend them.

When you enrol on the Diploma course you’ll get access to our tutors’ Experience Days, and be able to sign up for them. Typically, these cost £60 a day, which is great value for money for the immersive experience you’ll receive and the knowledge you’ll acquire.

Celebration photography day

Learn how to take the right shots for weddings, civil partnerships and christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other celebrations. Discover how to manage the guests, and find out how to be authoritative and yet discreet. On the Celebration Experience Day, you’ll take shots of a ‘bride and groom’ and some group photos.

You’ll also find out how to market a celebration service. It’ll give you the confidence to sell a wedding photography service, provide high quality images, and earn good money from it.

Portrait day

On the Portrait Experience Day, you’ll get hands-on experience of taking portraits. You’ll learn how to control light, and put your sitters at their ease. You’ll discover how to photograph family groups, children, and couples. Discover how to use simple ‘continuous light’ portraits, and how to ‘paint’ with light. You’ll learn how to make your shots dramatically different, and achieve a professional edge. You’ll also discover how to promote your portrait service.

Landscape, Nature and Wildlife day

Learn how to get stunning landscapes, crisp wildlife and close up nature shots. During the day you’ll get practice in taking a variety of outdoor pictures. You’ll also learn how to work with the limitations and advantages of natural light. By the end of the day you’ll be taking more professional outdoor photographs.

You’ll learn that it’s not about walking around a beauty spot and snapping away. It’s about preparation, organisation and choosing the right time of day. It is about the research as much as the taking.

Portraits on the Go

How to take exciting and memorable portraits with limited resources and using the environment around you. Showing how you can use reflected light, limited flash, time of day, shadow, back light and more.

On a wedding shoot you might want to take pictures of the bride and groom but you won’t have a studio on hand. And how to take that memorable shot of a company boss while doing a commercial shoot.

Reportage and Street Photography

Find out how the great photographers like Cartier Bresson made magic. Discover the ‘decisive moment’. We take you on a street tour and show the best way to get that candid shot that tells a thousand stories. You’ll learn the best sort of gear, and the right way to frame and focus without being noticed. We’ll explain how to look for the perfect frame and how to think on the go.

Night Photography

Shooting at night in the urban environment. An evening course that compliments the reportage, but specifically aimed at anyone who would love to shoot at night.

Shooting with the aim of selling limited editions

Discover what shots to take to sell images to libraries. Learn how to create a bespoke range of limited edition prints. During the one-day Experience, you’ll find out how to take the generic portrait, the landscape that sells, creative reportage, and abstracts.

This course gives you hand-on practice as well as also theoretical knowledge, plus an in-depth understanding of what sells.

Table Top

Taking pictures for product is tricky, time consuming and exacting. But we make it easy, showing you how to a shoot in a light tent, using props and continuous light. Learn the tricks of the trade. This day is great for the shots needed for eBay, Amazon, catalogues, and pack shots in general.

We make every effort to provide these Experience Days. But as they’re run by our tutors, we can’t guarantee that every course will be available in your area.