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Interview with a Portrait Photographer DVDWe’re offering a unique DVD interview with top pro photographer, David Titchener.

David’s been in the business 30 years – so he knows what works and what doesn’t.

He’s been through boom and recession years, so he has a huge amount of experience. And you can get that information directly by watching the interview.

If you want to know how to make it in photography, David’s the person you need to hear and watch.

And in an exclusive interview for the Blackford Centre for Professional Photography, he reveals his secrets.

  • The one area of pro photography that’s dull – but brings in regular money.

  • How David used persistence to become a photographer.

  • Why he’s in his sixth studio

  • What it’s like to ‘live above the shop’

  • Fitting the work around his other commitments.

  • David’s first day: no work. And what he did to get customers.

  • How to experiment and learn.

  • How to network effectively

  • The different income streams – each could make a living for you.

  • How to promote your business

  • How a curry house benefits him. And why the smoking ban helped.

  • Advertising. Mistakes to avoid. David’s view on newspaper advertising.

  • Getting photos in the local newspaper, and how to capitalise on it.

  • Wedding photos, and wedding fairs – are they worth it?

  • How important is the choice of camera? What other factors are important?

  • What other equipment do you need when starting out?

  • How to get the right shots at a wedding.

  • Whether to join a professional association. And if so, which should you join?

  • What to wear. Self presentation.

  • What’s the most difficult thing in pro photography?

  • How to manage money as a professional photographer.

  • Continuing professional development – what should you do?

  • How to get into photography in the first place.

  • Starting out working for a photographer. Being a photographer’s assistant.

  • Do you need a studio?

  • How to operate without a studio.

  • On specialisation. What to specialise in.

  • Photographs to illustrate books

  • The benefits and worries of self employment

Plus, David talks about many of the current issues in photography – such as digital screening sessions for customers.

Just one piece of advice will save you hundreds, even thousands of pounds over a long career.

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