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“It's a really good course and well worth the money. The tutors are all professional photographers with loads of experience.”
Linda, Cheshire, United Kingdom
The course covers so much about photography - not just the technicalities but also the business side of going freelance.
Jacqueline, Notts, United Kingdom
“It's interesting, flexible and you get a qualification at the end.”
Lisa, West Yorkshire, UK
Anyone interested in taking a photography course online should definitely consider this one as I think it is one of the best if not actually the best online photography course out there.
Dragos, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
“Get stuck in! I've only just covered about one quarter of the course so far, and already my confidence and abilities are improving almost on a daily basis.”
Kian, Co. Antrim, UK

Accredited Diploma in Professional Photography

One of our learners' photos

Fred Bell

Hi Kit,

I attach a photograph that I took right at the end of the course for professional digital photography. I sent the picture to my mentor, Graham Light, although it was only for show. The picture depicts Glen Lyn Gorge in Lynmouth north Devon. Apart from the assignment parts of the course a really important process is to practise. I believe that with every picture I take I will probably learn from it. My other benefit is getting out and about which is good exercise and social time when doing landscapes. I adore landscapes and seeing the world around us. Here I found the water falling down this river very pleasing and wanted to capture it all the details but also the water movement.

As I said practise so for me this was about getting the camera out, putting it onto the tripod and fitting an ND filter to produce a long exposure shot. Here I used an ND8 plus an ND4 filter on a prime 50mm lens. By reducing the aperture to F22 I could get all the detail I wanted and also a nice long exposure time of 30 seconds. The only post production editing is to slightly adjust the white balance/ temperature of the shot. I think it’s a great shot and the fact that its straight out the camera is also pleasing.

During the course I have worked with fashion photographers, portrait artists, sports photographers and have been published in the Worthing herald, news paper, when I did my photojournalism

All in all its been great. I have 3 weddings booked this year without any advertising campaign and have carried out 5 new born baby shoots.

Thank you and your staff for helping me through this course

Best regards

Fred Bell

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