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“It's a really good course and well worth the money. The tutors are all professional photographers with loads of experience.”
Linda, Cheshire, United Kingdom
The course covers so much about photography - not just the technicalities but also the business side of going freelance.
Jacqueline, Notts, United Kingdom
“It's interesting, flexible and you get a qualification at the end.”
Lisa, West Yorkshire, UK
Anyone interested in taking a photography course online should definitely consider this one as I think it is one of the best if not actually the best online photography course out there.
Dragos, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
“Get stuck in! I've only just covered about one quarter of the course so far, and already my confidence and abilities are improving almost on a daily basis.”
Kian, Co. Antrim, UK

Accredited Diploma in Professional Photography

One of our learners' photos

Steve Hanson

When I looked through the modules, some excited me and some made me nervous. The photojournalism was an assignment that made me nervous as I couldn’t think of what theme to take.

I decided to be bold and travel into London to do homelessness.

I walked around for a while in the West End and soon found people in sleeping bags or begging by the side of the street. I knew I couldn’t just snap away so I went armed with change and asked each person if I could photograph them and then gave them money or a breakfast.

This person didn’t speak a word of English but was perfectly happy for me to photograph him. I didn’t want a feel of looking down on him, I wanted to see life at his level and so I got down to his eye level and waited for the right time to shoot away. I love this image because it captures the coldness of how he felt and meanwhile the world just passes by.

I submitted a paper on homelessness to my tutor so that it wasn’t just some photographs and I was given an A+ for the assignment

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- Steve Hanson

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