Recruitment Consultant course contents

Diploma in Child Psychology - Course Contents

1. Introduction to Recruitment Consultancy

What is recruitment consultancy?
Relative experience and routes to becoming a recruitment consultant
Personal characteristics
Who uses a recruitment consultant: typical clients
Client attitudes towards recruitment consultants
How a recruitment consultant works
The benefits of being a recruitment consultant
An overview of the recruitment market

2. Developing Your Business – Defining Your Services

Analysing the market
Understanding the terminologies
Full time/part time
Specialist or generalist recruitment
Recruitment business or recruitment agency
Your candidate services
Your client services
Defining your USP
Defining your target market
Developing a fee structure
Registration with professional bodies

3. Developing Your Business – Turning Prospects into Clients

Understanding the sales process
Making sales calls
Client presentations
Agreeing to terms and conditions

4. Let’s Get to Work

Creating a job description
A chronological list of the search process
Establishing rapport with clients

5. Sourcing Your Candidates

Developing a candidate database
How to source candidates
Writing a job advertisement
Managing applications and cvs
The importance of confidentiality
Data protection-storing personal data and keeping accurate records

6. Screening and Matching Your Candidates

How to screen candidates
Legal requirements and best practice
Validating candidate credentials
Using tests and assessment tools
Interviewing candidates
Face to face and telephone interviews
Establishing rapport and gaining commitment
Establishing current salary level and expectations

7. Presenting Your Shortlist

Clarifying client’s selection process
Finalising your short list of candidates
Stages in preparing a short list
Presenting candidates to a client
Overview of face-to face short list meeting
Arranging candidate interviews

8. Helping Your Candidate Produce a Winning CV

Getting candidates to view cvs as a crucial selling document
What to include in the CV
Different types of CV
Style and presentation
Multiple cvs: tailoring the CV to specific roles

9. Preparing Your Candidate For Interviews

Selection interviews
Types of interview questions
Preparation for the interview
Dress code
Assessment centres
Interview mediums
Answering questions
Asking questions
Do’s and don’ts

10. Post Interview Plan and Offer Negotiations

Post-interview follow-up
Selection meeting: how to sell a client on a candidate
Preparing the offer: quantifying salary, candidate selling points
The offer/counter-offer process
Resigning from current job
Handling counteroffer from current employer

11. Setting up Your Business

A place to work
A recruitment consultant’s equipment
Other aspects to consider

12. Setting up Your Consultancy: Finance and Legal

Setting up your consultancy on a small budget
Putting together a business plan
Paying tax
Indemnity insurance
How to keep financial records in four easy steps

13. Marketing Your Business

Sources of work
The internet. Your website.
Print advertising
Writing an ad
A brochure
Local companies
Response rates

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