Screenwriting Course

What can you do with a Diploma in Screenwriting

Where can this course take me?

Screenwriting CourseWith a Diploma in Screenwriting you'll be on the path to realising your dream of becoming a professional screenwriter. Imagine seeing your name rolling on the credits of a film or TV series.

Screenwriting is about crafting an idea into something an audience will want to watch. Your Diploma will show you how to perfect this art.

The screenwriting industry is experiencing massive growth with the increase in the number of television channels and internet access to TV and film viewing. This market will continue to grow as demand increases and technology develops, meaning there's a demand for screenwriters.

Maybe you've already written a manuscript but don't feel it's up to standard. Or perhaps you know you have creative writing skills, but aren't sure how to put your screen ideas on paper. With the Diploma in Screenwriting you'll be able to work as a self-employed screenwriter and present your scripts to production companies and agents, who are always looking for new and fresh writers.

Whether you want to tell your life story, someone else's or turn your ideas for a screen play or film into reality the Diploma in Screenwriting will help you get there.