Social Media Marketing Course

Home based Social Media Marketing course contents syllabus

Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus

  1. How to become a social media expert
  2. Introduction
    What many people don't understand about social media
    Knowing what to post
    What is the point of social media?
    Building your social media profiles

  3. Find fame on Facebook
  4. Introduction
    Setting up your Facebook page
    How to create a Facebook page
    Identifying your audience
    Creating compelling content
    Facebook ads to grow your following
    Measure, test and track
    Promoting your Facebook page
    Boosting your posts

  5. Be terrific with Twitter
  6. Introduction
    Get your twitter handle
    Branding yourself
    Techniques for branding
    Become known as a resource or expert
    Establish a marketing plan
    The Twitter  The Image Expert
    The Twitter: Crowd Management Expert
    The Twitter Superstar

  7. Lead the way on LinkedIn
  8. Introduction
    Getting started on LinkedIn
    Update contact information
    Your summary
    Creating connections
    Different account types
    Job seekers
    Different account types

  9. How to be great with Google+
  10. Introduction
    Creating a google account
    Google+ sign up
    Creating your profile
    Adding content
    Google+ communities – an overlooked social network
    How Google+ is different

  11. You'll win on Youtube
  12. Introduction
    Define your purpose
    Types of video
    Be yourself
    Uploading your videos
    The page design expert
    The crowd control expert
    The authentic page
    The easy-to-find content
    Making your videos more visible

  13. Get instant fame on Instagram and Pinterest
  14. Introduction
    Setting up your Pinterest account
    Setting up your Instagram account

  15. How to find followers and boost engagement
  16. Introduction
    Add featured stories to the timeline of your company on Facebook
    Offer incentives for likes
    Rotate your ads
    Customize your graphics
    Industry hangouts
    Hangouts on air
    Content recommendations
    Monitor activity

  17. Maintaining Social Media
  18. Introduction
    Adhere to image size requirements
    Social share buttons
    Descriptions for upcoming events
    Use hashtags
    Meta descriptions and title tags
    Optimize your presence on social media

  19. Save time and post more by scheduling and automating
  20. Introduction
    Work smarter not harder
    Steps for automating social media
    My final words

  21. Setting up
  22. A place to work
    The tools you will need
    Your business name
    Useful reading

  23. Finding work online
  24. Freelance writing sites
    How to win writing assignments on freelance sites
    Where to look for other writing opportunities

  25. Your own website
  26. Your website - consider the objectives
    Designing your website
    Publicizing your website
    Keeping people coming back
    How to write your own web pages

  27. Marketing - local and offline
  28. Sources of work
    Advertisers and advertising agencies
    Designers and printers
    How to look for work
    Getting experience
    Your first meeting
    Understanding your client’s needs

  29. Finance and employment
  30. How to keep clients happy
    Deciding how much to charge
    Letter of Agreement
    Getting paid - chasing your money
    How to keep financial records in four easy steps
    Indemnity insurance

  31. Getting a job in social media
  32. What is a social media manager?
    The skills required
    Finding the right fit for you
    Building your CV
    Applying for jobs
    Preparing for the interview
    Winning at the interview
    Included: Sample CVs you can tailor

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