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You're out on the street. Prowling like an wolf. Unnoticed by people who scurry past. But you're shooting pictures of life on the street.

They're great pictures. Award winning photos. Images that go into magazines and on exhibition walls.

You're a street photographer.

We're a breed apart, we street photographers.

We're the hard guys. We don't do pretty studio shots, close ups of butterflies, or sunsets. Not unless they're really wild.

Street Photography
The course builds into a reference library for you to keep as a permanent reference work

No, we're out on the streets, putting ourselves at risk.

I was quietly taking pictures in a cafe one day. and a guy motioned at me to stop. He just signalled to me, with one finger. No emphasis. But there was a menace in his eyes. It was a rough area. There was the scent of cannabis in the air. I put my camera away.

That's street photography.

And if you want to shoot great pictures on the street, you need to join the course. If we have room for you.

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'Breakthrough Street Photography' is a practical home-based course. It's flexible, so you can study at your own pace.

You'll have access to a course advisor to support you through your studies. At the end of the course, you'll submit your best image for assessment by an expert in street photography.

And you can start the course today.

Get certified

Complete the course and you'll be certified as a professional street photographer.

This Certification is only available to those who have successfully submitted their final assignment, and demonstrates your competency as a street photographer

Why take this course?

You'll take this course because you want to be a great street photographer.

You know what a great street photo looks like. But too many of your pictures don't make the grade.

You need to improve.

At this point I want to say 'Well done'.

Most people never get here. They just keep taking crappy photos and never improve. They have nothing to show for the hours they spend.

But you're going to be different. You're the one who will end up with a portfolio of visceral images - pictures that tear at people's guts.

You can improve

You love looking at the beautiful images online but you always feel a tinge of frustration that yours don’t look as good.

You've seen so many great photos on social media and in the magazines and you wonder why yours always turn out to be a little disappointing. But the truth is, you too can take professional looking photos.

  • Do you enjoy sharing your special times on social media but feel you’re not capturing the essence, the true-life qualities of those unforgettable times?
  • Maybe you're a beginner and want to know how to capture those magical moments that you spot? You'll be welcome on the course.
  • Perhaps you've been out on the street, but you want to move to the next level, to publish stunning images on your blog or to illustrate your latest eBook.
  • Or are you ready to make a career out of your passion for images that not only record events around you, but shape and mould people’s perceptions and reveal the truth about society?
  • Are you ready for a shot at your destiny? Do you have what it takes to join that special club: master street photographers?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, grab your smartphone, pick up your Canon EOS camera, and join the Blackford Centre’s “Breakthrough Street Photography” course.

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We have what it takes to put you into the picture. We give you the skills and knowledge to transform the fleeting memory of those everyday events into photos of enduring quality.

Read on to learn more about this exciting new offering from the highly regarded Blackford Centre’s course.

An amazing pastime that costs you nothing

The best activities are those that provide endless hours of pleasure, can be shared with friends and family, and cost nothing. When you put it like that, street photography is clearly one of the best hobbies around.

No need for large, bulky or expensive equipment—just your smartphone, something that you carry with you everywhere, every day. It costs you nothing to take photos but time.

If you prefer your Nikon D3200 or D3300, that's great as well. A zoom lens will get you right into the action - without you being noticed. And the definition is superb; it's at a professional standard.

Street photography rewards you with sweet pleasures. It's the thrill of the chase, as you try to hunt that moment in a million when someone turns, they're questioning, and it shows in their eyes. Maybe there's a juxtaposition, a contrast between them and their surroundings. It's only there for a second. and you've captured it. It's sharp. It's award wining.

On the streets you're alert, you've been watching, waiting and ready for just such moments and the hunted is caught, frozen in a split second of time thanks to your new skills.

Yes, it was your skill and knowledge that allowed that unique, priceless moment to be recorded. Capturing those instants is a bit like the butterfly collectors seeking out the rare and beautiful specimens in the Victorian days, and then admiring their trophy collection.

There's nothing like street photography

Nothing captures people's attention like a great street photo—it's a growing phenomenon. Look at the popularity of sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.

You don't even need an expensive camera (though lots of street photographers have nice gear).

Your smartphone is all you need to capture any moment anytime.

Street photography also offers you time to be alone, just you viewing the world outside through your lens. These are special times, times of reflection, times of observation, times that give you the opportunity to think about your own relationship to the world around you.

It can bring increased respect and admiration from your family and friends. Enjoy the pleasure of your loved ones as your priceless photos remind them of things they had forgotten, show them things they had not realized about themselves, or simply share stories of travels to faraway places.

Street photography is a cool skill, akin to street art. It offers you a way to increase your popularity on social media. Learn how to take photos that win acclaim and that have the potential to go viral. 17 weeks is all it takes to master the tricks of taking amazing photos.

Street photography also allows you to reach out to other photographers around the world and gain valuable feedback. This may be on the internet or you might prefer to join a local photography club. Either way, photography can enable you to make lasting friendships.

Street photography is one of the most satisfying activities you can choose. Let the Blackford Centre show you how the street can become part of your life.

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Your photography can earn money

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it could be worth thousands of pounds. The digital age has made it so much easier to take photos but it has also made it easier to sell your photos.

There are many ways you could be making money from your chosen pastime, street photography including:

  • Selling photos on your own website
  • Photography competitions - prize money plus added exposure for your work
  • Gallery or internet exhibitions
  • Image banks such as Flickr and istockphoto
  • Providing illustrations for eBooks and advertising material

But this is just the beginning. There are a number of tips and legal aspects that you need to know. You also need to know how to take great pictures in the first place. The “Breakthrough Street Photography” course is here to help you through all these barriers. We train you to become an award winning photographer. We train you to fulfil your vision, to become a master street photographer in just 17 weeks.

Do you want to be average - or the best?

It’s sad but true; most photos taken by the inexperienced photographer are not even worth the effort of clicking Delete. Problems with exposure, focus, lighting, and composition make the average photo... well just average or worse.

You know this to be true. Look through your own photo collections. Even when your image includes all the desired elements in the frame, the photo still looks flat and lifeless. Be objective. Look at your images with a critical eye or better yet show them to a stranger and see how long they hold his or her interest.

The advent of the smartphone and digital cameras means that anyone can take photos anytime, anywhere.

But the question remains; do you want to just fill up empty space on your hard drive or do you want to create images that touch people’s hearts and stir the whole range of emotions, that trigger laughter and joy, and that inspire them? Learn the skill and excitement that goes with the thrill of chase for those elusive master images, those pictures that are worth a thousand words.

That's the difference between the average photographer and a master photographer. The first produces “not for viewing content”, while the second produces living breathing images packed with story-telling power. Let the Blackford Centre’s “Breakthrough Street Photography” course transform your photography—17 weeks is all it takes.

What’s special about our photography training?

17 weeks is all you need to master some the best secrets in photography. We have taken all the combined experience of some of the best street photographers and distilled their tricks and techniques into one information-rich course.

Street Photography
The course comes in weekly sections, to give you time to practise your new techniques.

We know you don’t have the time to wade through trivial, unimportant details so we have focused on the essentials, the key elements of great photography. We also teach you some lesser known techniques that will really make your pics stand out from the crowd.

The online nature of the course means that you can study in your own time. As you complete each module you are presented with a street photography task. This gives you the opportunity to practise the techniques covered in the course.

You don’t need any special equipment or fancy gear, just your smartphone or DSLR plus 17 weeks and the willingness to practise the techniques shared with you in the daily lessons. Don’t delay; you need never miss those memorable fleeting moments again.

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So what will I learn?

Our 17 week course is packed with information that will get you out there capturing those powerful images and enjoying your collection of marvellous human interest photos each--with a fascinating story of its own.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to choose the right equipment
  • The best locations for street photography
  • How to position yourself
  • Taking photos in difficult situations
  • Taking photos of children
  • Photography at festivals and large gatherings
  • The psychology of taking better street photos
  • Dealing with unwanted attention and aggression
  • How to exhibit your photography
  • The advantages and techniques of editing
  • Making a living from your photography

And much more.

So many people take poor photos because they are unaware of the simple but secret techniques that could completely transform their images. You can learn the same techniques the professional photographers use, the same techniques that will transform your images into stunning, attention grabbing social explorations.

This seventeen week course is a comprehensive course that will give you the tools to master street photography. With these tools you will soon be taking photos that will leave your friends and family in stunned amazement. As a master street photographer you could see your images being shared across the globe and enjoying the well-deserved plaudits of an international circle of fans.

Are you ready for that level of success? Are you ready to take on the challenge? Are you ready to “Breakthrough Street Photography”?

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Why the Blackford Centre?

The Blackford Centre has been running highly regarded professional training courses for more than twenty years. Our experience, our expert advisors and course writers ensure that you receive only the best most effective training for your money.

Our online courses give you the freedom to study anywhere in the world and in your own time. There are no classes to attend because it’s all online. This means you are in charge of your learning.

The Blackford Centre is accredited and registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UK Provider Reference Number 10009490).

Our courses have been used by companies such as Land Rover, Royal Mail, Jaguar, Marks and Spencer, RAF, Selfridges, Easyjet, Unilever, HM Revenue and Customs, Medway Council and many others.

Our lengthy and growing list of satisfied customers is your guarantee of a deeply satisfying and richly rewarding course.

Complete the course and you'll get a certificate that demonstrates your skill. You'll also get a banner to put on your website or letterhead.

Just picture yourself as a Certified Street Photographer; the rich pleasures that can be yours as you become absorbed by your new pastime, the delighted exclamations of your loved ones as they stand amazed by your skill. See your social media followers grow exponentially and relish your own personal growth at the same time.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. This is the chance to take a new direction in your life—you can picture it now. Enrol in the “Breakthrough Street Photography in 17 weeks” course from the Blackford Centre and see your life as you have always imagined it.

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