Street Photography

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Where can this course take me?

You obsess about street photography. It's an important part of your life. You identify yourself as a street photographer.

And this course will help you become a pro.

Street photography is all about capturing those magical moments in everyday life that most people miss.

Such moments come in many forms.
- an expression of delight on a child’s face
- a touching moment between lovers
- a lonely person who seems lost
- or a weird contrast on the street.

Street photography allows you to capture people as they experience their everyday lives; from the innocent to the incongruous, or the quirky and bizarre. You can capture it all.

Sometimes you may be fortunate enough to capture moments of particular social significance; a peaceful protest going wrong, drunken youths clashing, a state occasion or a pic of your favourite celebrity.

At times like these you become more than just a recorder of history; your photos have the power to spark necessary and healthy debate about topics of great social importance.

Street photography is coming of age

Street photography has been around since the invention of the compact hand-held camera in the 1930’s. It's become a byword for creating images that engage the viewer, that record human existence in all its colours and flavours, and that trigger useful social commentary.

There are many reasons why street photography has such enormous and lasting popular appeal. We like street photography because:

  • It captures the humans going about their everyday activities.
  • The photos can remind us about the interesting things we've seen
  • They're a work of art. Yes they are. When the expression on someone's face, combined with the right lighting and standpoint.
  • Photos can trigger powerful emotions. They are full of drama.

Street photography has a much more instant appeal also. It’s an instant and playful form of communication with a larger audience than people have ever had before. Social media sites have opened up communication with a vast global audience. Sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit allow anyone to share their photos around the world.

You know what happens when someone uploads a powerful photo. “Likes”, “Followers”, and “Shares” go through the roof. This could be you too when you complete the “Breakthrough Street Photography” course from the Blackford Centre.

The benefits of taking the course

The “Breakthrough Street Photography” course from the Blackford Centre will develop the artistic, creative side of your nature, and give you the skills to take truly great photos anywhere, anytime, every time.

But even more, becoming a master of street photography will open new doors for you and reveal new horizons to explore.

Learn how to take the fascinating hobby of street photography to new heights. Experience the thrill of the chase as you hunt those elusive, fleeting yet special moments of human existence. Thanks to your skill you can capture those snapshots of human interaction and preserve them for the benefit of society — it's so satisfying.

Experience the pleasure of recording and sharing with friends, family, and social media followers the laughter, the tears, the bizarre and the ludicrous moments that occur every day. Learn how to get your photos noticed and appreciated.

Find out how to enjoy the fulfilling pastime of street photography—the total absorption of your quest for the perfect image, and the marvellous independence of being a neutral observer unaffected by the events around you.

Enjoy the marvellous support and camaraderie of the course web community where you can upload photos for helpful feedback, comment and appreciation. Become part of a global network of like-minded street photographers.

Start to become known

Learn about the exciting possibilities that exist to make money from your photography; whether you want to publish your own collection of photos, sell photos to magazines or simply make money through photo banks such as istockphoto. This could be just the door you were looking for—the doorway to a new career, a new direction in your life rich with untold potential.

Learn how to exhibit and promote your photography. Discover how to make the most of your creative flair, and see your vision come to life.

Being a successful learner and learning new skills is always a tremendous confidence booster; and the support of our expert advisors and your fellow students will ensure that your development as a master street photographer is smooth.

This course doesn’t just give you the skills and techniques to become a master street photographer; it also opens your eyes to the rich tapestry of human interaction and allows you to explore the world with new eyes.

You will gain a new appreciation for the art of living, of how people get by in the world and it will also teach you things about yourself and your own interactions. What kind of value can put on these things? Such learning is priceless.

Come and see for yourself. Come and join the “Breakthrough Street Photography” course at the Blackford Centre.

And what’s more, you can start at any time, and study from anywhere in the world.

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