Teaching Assistant Course

Teaching Assistant Course

Where can this course take me?

With your Teaching Assistant Diploma you’ll be the support behind the teacher in the classroom. As a qualified teaching assistant you could be working in a public or private school, at primary or secondary level.

The opportunities for teaching assistants are vast, as teachers need the support to be able to concentrate on delivering their lessons.

You could be working with individual pupils, who need extra support, perhaps with reading and writing, or you could be asked to supervise groups of pupils while the teacher is absent. Your Teaching Assistant Diploma will ensure you’re fully prepared for this and know how to manage and motivate the pupils.

Getting a job as a teaching assistant can be competitive, and with your Diploma you’ll have an advantage over other candidates. It demonstrates your commitment to your career and that you’re serious about working in a classroom.

Another great advantage of become a qualified teaching assistant is that you can work full or part time and flexibly. Many parents train to become teaching assistants, because they have an interest in their child’s education, and the job allows them to work in school hours. As a teaching assistant you’ll also get the same school holidays as your child – so there’s no need for additional child care.