How to Become Independently Wealthy

And lead the life you've dreamed about

SpeedboatAre you stuck in a rut? Commuting to work every day, and not earning enough?

Or are you marooned at home, without any hope of getting the lifestyle you want?

Do you want to become independently wealthy? Rich enough to work only if you want to?

If so, there's a seminar that's tailor-made for you.

It's called 'How to Become Independently Wealthy'.

Why you should be at this seminar

Most people slave their lives away, and have little to show for it by the time they retire. If they’re lucky, they’ll get a card from their work mates, and a cheap present. It isn’t much after 40 years of work.

But things can be different. You can change your destiny.

With the knowledge you’ll acquire at this seminar, you’ll make your own choices and earn the money you deserve.

Holidays in the Caribbean? Your own boat, riding at anchor in an exclusive port? A sleek 4x4 in the drive of your detached home? All these things can be yours.

At ‘How to become independently wealthy’, the renowned business guru Kit Sadgrove will be lifting the lid on how to make real money.

What you’ll learn at the seminar

  • The 6 different ways you can become independently wealthy.
  • Four things that are stopping you from becoming rich.
  • Three things that rich people know that the middle classes don’t.
  • How your thinking determines whether you’ll be rich or poor.
  • Eight low-cost, low overhead businesses that are making money for their owners.
  • Six start-up businesses for really lazy people
  • The hidden laws of attraction
  • How to overcome procrastination.
  • Where to get start-up money
  • How to beat the fear that holds you back.
  • How to avoid the money-suckers
  • Assemble a team without having to pay them
  • How to deal with the people who deride you
  • Harness the power of your unconscious mind
  • Property investment secrets
  • Start a business for under £500
  • 8 mistakes that start-ups make
  • Stock market investments – how to beat the market

And much more!

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Seminar presenter

Many seminars are presented by trainers and academics who are not in fact wealthy. Their money comes from, you’ve guessed it, presenting seminars. But not this one. In ‘How to become independently wealthy’, you get the information directly from someone who’s made it to the top.

Kit Sadgrove is founder and CEO of three companies, each of which he set up from scratch. These businesses are worth conservatively £4 million. Kit owns five houses, including a beach-side property on the south coast. And he has achieved this despite being a single parent, and bringing up five children single-handedly. Nine years ago, Barclays Bank refused him a £2,000 loan; and Provident wouldn’t give him £500. That’s how little they thought of him. But he found out the hard way how to earn a six-figure sum – and now he’s offering to pass those secrets on to you.

Kit is also the author of five business books, published by top publishers; and his books have been translated into Chinese, Romanian and Spanish.

In a nutshell, Kit doesn’t just talk about it – he does it. And he’s taking time away from his businesses to deliver this hard-hitting seminar. But places are strictly limited. So book early. We expect to put a ‘Full’ sign up soon.

What will people say about you after you’re dead?

In the space below, write your own epitaph. What would it say? How about this:

Phil slaved away all his life. He worked for organisations that didn’t value him, and he only ever earned a modest salary. Phil never had enough money to buy his spouse and children the things they wanted. Then he retired. Then he died.

Is that really what you want? How about an epitaph like this:

After attending an ‘Independently Wealthy’ seminar in London, Mary put together a plan. Her life changed, and she ended up remarkably affluent. That gave her freedom from worry and the ability to live the life she chose. In her later years, Mary chose to use her freedom and money to make improvements to her local community and her preferred charities. She ended her years in her luxury Cap Verde home, surrounded by family and friends.

So what’s it to be? The old rut? Or a new life?

Unless most seminars, here you get to map out your new life. Think you can’t do it? That’s what all our delegates say. But at the end of the end of the day, you’ll be holding a plan for your future. It’s a document that will bring you all the good things you need and deserve. We’re going to help you unlock your dynamism, and your latent talents, and banish all those things that are holding you back.

Kit will help you decide how much wealth you really want, and show how you can model your future to attain it.

Free bonuses for every delegate

  • Free 'It's your future' CD to take away with you. Play it whenever you want, to remind yourself of what you learnt. It will inspire you to re-double your efforts, and help you focus on your goal. Value £47.
  • Free give-away special report to all delegates: ‘100 businesses you can run today’. Value £17.50
  • Free goal planning software that will help you concentrate on the key tasks ahead. Value £50
  • After the seminar you’ll get free 30-day telephone and email support from Kit Sadgrove himself. You can discuss your concerns, and get his feedback, at no extra cost. Value: priceless!

Money back guarantee

Here’s our no-quibble money back guarantee: If you don’t honestly believe this seminar was worth at least double what you paid for it, simply ask for your money back within 30 days. We’ll refund your fees into your bank account, with no questions asked. In short, you have nothing to lose by enrolling in the seminar.


Central London hotel (to be announced)


Thursday 6th September 2007. Starts 6.30pm prompt, finishes 9.00pm.

Unsure? Want more information? For more information, contact KitS @ (getting rid of the spaces in the email address).

PS By not taking action, you're just delaying the day that you're independently wealthy. That why you need to act now. Taking this first step is the most important thing you'll do today.